11 Things Celebrities Have Said About Amanda Knox

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On September 30, Netflix released a documentary about Amanda Knox's trial and the events surrounding it, aptly titled Amanda Knox. To refresh your memory: In 2007, Knox's life became a subject of international news after her roommate (during her study abroad stint), 21-year-old Meredith Kercher, was found brutally murdered in their shared apartment in Perugia, Italy. She was arrested along with her boyfriend at the time, Rafael Sollecito. In 2009, they were both charged with murder. In 2011, they were both acquitted. Then in 2013, they were tried again. In 2015, they were found not guilty by the Supreme Court of Italy and have remained free since. In total, they each spent four years in an Italian prison before being found not guilty. This is the story chronicled in the documentary, focusing specifically on Knox, and it's available to stream now.
Knox now lives back in America and has been acquitted of all the charges. To some, justice has been served. To others, there is still no closure for the college student that died that night. But to all, it was a captivating case to follow. Since Knox's initial arrest nine years ago, many celebrities have taken interest in Knox's life. Here is what some of them have to say about the verdicts and her innocence throughout the years.
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Nick Lachey
In October of 2011, after Knox's first trial, Lachey celebrated the overturning of her guilty verdict.
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Kim Kardashian West
In March of 2013, Kardashian was shocked by the Italian court's decision to re-try Knox.
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Jared Leto
Leto has been following the Knox trial the whole way through.
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Nia Vardalos
Vardalos was very emotional in October of 2011 upon hearing that Knox and Sollecito were freed.
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Olivia Munn
As was Munn.
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Jill Zarin
Zarin was more interested in what her followers thought of the verdict.
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Jimmie Johnson
Johnson, a father of two, was focused on the trial's repercussions on the family.
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Donald Trump
Trump shared a very Trumpish tweet during the 2011 trial before the verdict was announced.
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Matchbox Twenty
The alt-rock band congratulated Knox in 2011.
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Brody Jenner
Jenner was shocked by her initial not guilty verdict.
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Marlon Wayans
Wayans compared Knox verdict to that of Casey Anthony, a Florida mother who was found acquitted of murder charges.
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