11 Things I Would Buy If I Didn't Have To Pay Rent

Hello friends, how have you been? Question: What kind of person are you when you're getting dressed? Do you plan your outfits ahead of time? My roommate (she works in fashion, too) and I definitely do not. This morning, our living room was a fascinating display of mismatched shoes, half-buttoned blouses, and sighs of frustration in front of our shared full-length mirror. I'd say that 75% of the time, getting dressed is easy (Throw it on, who cares? is my preferred attitude.), but it's that remaining quarter of my mornings that are really hard. Why?

Anyway, we both made it out of the house fully clothed and, honestly, looking cool enough that you would never guess it took more than 20 tries to get it right. Here are some things that would make getting dressed easier, but are also the things I'd only wear once a year. (Warning: statement pieces abound.)
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This thing will sit around all year waiting for the perfect party — and I'll gladly bestow it the closet space.

Rachel Comey Pryor Top, $978, available at Rachel Comey.
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Somehow, I think this counts as a practical purchase — even if it carries the risk of getting stuck in the cab or subway door. And shouldn't be worn in a convertible. Also, it's 60% off.

Blumarine Silk Pussy-bow Blouse, $840 $336, available at Blumarine.
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I only like this because it reminds me of being 18. Freshman year of college, I'd wear similar skirts with ragged T-shirts and giant heels and try to get into gross bars with a shitty fake ID. Nostalgia is powerful.

Maje Jacko Patent Leather Skirt, $545, available at Maje.
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Look at this dreamy granny shoe. I am thoroughly enjoying Manolo's Cool Shoe Brand comeback.

Manolo Blahnik Serba Pump, $865, available at The Line.
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​Remember when you used to exclusively wear skinny jeans​?

Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants, $395, available at Jesse Kamm.
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I see this shoe/color on babes walking down the street and think, Are you my friend or do I just recognize things from my closet in your outfit?

Vintage Enzo Angiolini
Block Heel Pumps, $72, available at Part 'n Parcel.
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I was only allowed to have my ears pierced if I could swim a pool lap without stopping (I was 8). One of the many pebbles in the pond of knowledge that is forever reminding us that beauty is pain.

Sorelle Mara earring, $120, available at Sorelle.
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You could probably make this with brassy bits found in your neighborhood hardware store, but it would cost the same as just buying it here.

Hand and Hand Clair de Lune Necklace, $54, available at Tictail.
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Another day, another mule (that I need).

Kriss Mule in Red, $398, available at Lisa Says Gah.
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Joan of Arc is trending!

Rachel Comey Chain Top, $295, available at Bird.
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This is Joan of Arc at Studio 54.

Vintage Rare '60s Space Age Mod Plastic Chain Link Vest, $425, available at Mod Vibe Vintage.

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