10 Beauty Buys Inspired By Ophiuchus, The "New Zodiac Sign"

Photographed by Dan McCoy.
Confession: When we first heard there might be a 13th sign of the zodiac named Ophiuchus, we all had a collective freak out. It became a major issue for many of us. Why? Because if Ophiuchus was truly getting thrown into the orbit of our daily horoscopes, well, it would affect us all. To wit: This addition would reassign a lot of other astrological signs.

But breathe easy, says AstroTwins astrologer Tali Edut: It’s not a sign. Rather, Ophiuchus is a constellation, and as she puts it, “who’s to say you’re not allowed to embody to a constellation?” That's right, we can all take a little something from Ophiuchus. “It might not be the 13th zodiac, but we can all tap into it’s celestial influence," she says. And boy are the traits enviable: smart, sexy, mystical, and above all else, mysterious, Edut reports.

So what's in the stars for you if you let Ophiuchus inspire your beauty routine? Click through our slideshow to find out.