29 Halloween-Themed Candies That Make Us REALLY Miss Childhood

As I've grown older, Halloween has become more and more of a chore than the birthday-/Christmas-level-excitement day it used to be. My friends bemoan the ritual of dressing up in painstakingly picked costumes. Our trick-or-treating has been replaced with bar-hopping. Free candy with expensive booze. In short, some of that childhood magic has tired and faded. But there is something that keeps one last sparkle of those Halloweens past: all the limited-edition candies that my twentysomething heart still desires.

Yes — year after year, fall after fall, pharmacy shelves are packed with glistening bags of candy corn, Reese's, and Snickers pumpkins, Cadbury Screme Eggs, and oh so many more. So don't give up on Halloween, because Halloween-pushing candy companies will never give up on you.

Read on to remember some of your favorites (RIP Ghost Dots) and keep that spooky spirit alive.
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