The Moon Was CRAZY Last Night & Instagram Was Loving It

Photo: Via @nyonair
If you spent last night looking up, you weren't alone. The Harvest Moon captured the attention of photographers — professional and smartphone alike — across the country. No surprise, being that it was a full moon like no other.

As we explained on Thursday, "The Harvest Moon initially rises closer to twilight, you may see what looks like multiple full moons in the sky."

That means people had lots of opportunities to share different glimpses. Instagram always lights up when the lights go down on an awesome full moon, and last night was no different.

As of this morning, there are over 180,000 posts tagged #harvestmoon. That's a lot of social-media love.

Whether you saw it in person or experience it through Insta, we've collected some of our favorites for you. Click through and see all the wonderment for yourself.
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Photo: via @nyonair.
Did you get caught between the moon and New York City? Search for "Arthur's Theme" on Spotify and enjoy.

As the song says, "The best that you can do is fall in love."
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Photo: via @junkgypsy.
The Junk Gypsies got into the action with this shot above a deserted dirt road. The Gypsies are known for their boots-and-fringe approach to style. This picture captures that spirit, even with its caption.

"Here's to the harvest moon and all of its mystery & magic," it reads. "May you all be looking up."
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Photo: via @vickienatalemusic.
Things got a little spooky with the cloud cover in this pic shared by @vickienatalemusic.
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Photo via @bostonglobe.
Who doesn't love lighthouses? It's tough not to when they look like this one, Old Scituate Light in Massachusetts. This snap was taken by photographer John Tlumacki and shared by the Boston Globe.
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Photo: via @romadowney.
Touched By An Angel's Roma Downey shared a NASA-worthy shot.

If you missed the Harvest Moon, Downey's got the perfect picture for you and a suggestion with her hashtag: #leaveamessagewiththemoon.
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Photo: via @rockinrobyn826.
Seems like folks out in the Rockies got a great view. This is another shot from Colorado, courtesy of @rockinrobyn826.
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Photo: via @ofonsecamd.
This is just super relaxing and Zen, right? Thanks, @ofonsecamd.
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Photo: Via @redrocksco.
Okay, enough already, Colorado! We get it.

Red Rocks shared this photo, taken during a performance by newgrass jam band Railroad Earth at the famous amphitheater.
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Photo: via @taromonkey.
This view comes to us from @taromonkey out in Boulder, CO, but it looks more like it was taken from outer space.