How Not To Be A Predictable Disney Princess For Halloween

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
It's time to retire the tiara, you guys. And, while you're at it, the elbow-length white gloves, Because while dressing up like an easily recognizable Disney princess might be a convenient costume move, it's also a pretty basic way to do Halloween.
Besides, there are plenty of other ways to channel your favorite animated classics that have nothing to do with donning a Cinderella or Snow White ensemble. We've pulled together some Disney ideas that draw on supporting characters — including a few whose faces you'll recognize but might not yet know. (Spoiler: We're talking about Ariel's sisters, a.k.a. the six other daughters of King Triton. Apparently, they all have names and distinct personalities.)

And, by not dressing up as the world's ten-millionth Princess Jasmine, you might actually wind up winning Most Original Costume at whichever All Hallow's Eve party you choose to attend come late October. We hear the prize is full-size candy bars.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Ursula, The Little Mermaid (1988)
Dressing up as Ursula is so much cooler than dressing up as Ariel. Here's what you'll need: a seashell necklace, white temporary hair color, a lot of blue eyeshadow, a red lip. Pin purple crepe paper in long strips all the way around your waist.

If you're feeling super bold, consider going for an all-purple glow. And don't forget the mole!
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Nala, The Lion King (1994)
Good news: This is actually a stupid-easy costume. Wear lion-appropriate colors, follow this supes easy makeup tutorial, tell everyone that you were more badass than Simba as a cub. Donezo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Wendy, Peter Pan (1953)
While we'd also endorse you dressing up as Peter or any member of the Lost Boys crew, Wendy is a great contender, because it's so darn easy. Grab a long blue nightgown, throw a matching bow in your hair, and then cover yourself in fairy dust, a.k.a. a shit ton of glitter. Just be prepared to sparkle clear through Thanksgiving.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
The Evil Tremaine Sisters, Cinderella (1953)
Sure, you could go as the cinder girl. But isn't it more fun to play evil for a night? Grab a friend and some color-coordinating ensembles and snarl your way around town for the evening.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Goanna, The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
Wear green. Carry a pail full of eggs. Make crazy eyes. That's all you can do, really.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Maleficent In Dragon Form, Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Don this dragon hat. No further instructions needed.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Miss Bianca, The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
Throw on a ladies who lunch hat, a strand of pearls, a purple pashmina — and then you're officially in business.
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Maid Marian, Robin Hood (1973)
Have a pink turtleneck? Then you're halfway there. Throw on a little purple and a silky scarf over your head and call it a day. Bonus points for adding fox makeup. (Double bonus points if this is the second costume you make out of your purple pashmina, after your turn as Miss Bianca.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Any Of Ariel's sisters, The Little Mermaid (1988)
Pick up a tail, put on your favorite bathing suit, add a little under-the-sea-inspired hair flair and you'll be ready to hit the Halloween circuit as Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, or Alana ("ah, ha, ha!").
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
The Red Queen, Alice In Wonderland (1951)
Sure, you could go the Helena Bonham Carter route. But really, all you need to be The Red Queen is a Burger King crown and a red heart-shaped lollipop. (Bonus points for bringing a big bag of them and handing them out to buds.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures.
Lucifer, Cinderella (1953)
Wear a cat costume. Terrorize anyone who comes too close. If you do those two things, you'll nail this costume. Bonus points (to your friend), if you have a friend who's willing to dress as a portly mouse who's terrified of you.
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