The Magic Of 29Rooms, Captured On Instagram

Over the weekend, Refinery29's art and fashion funhouse 29Rooms delighted and entertained the public. We took over a warehouse in Bushwick and made it a place where dreams converged with reality. Each room celebrated the intersecting worlds of art, tech, fashion, and cinema in unique and interactive ways. Didn't get a chance to join us in person? Instagram (#29Rooms) provides a window to the magical weekend. Check out the photos below.

The Great Hall hints at wonders to come.
The best Instagram filter? Your own aura.

My aura is pretty cool, if a little bit blurry, which feels just about right. #29Rooms

A photo posted by mskelseymiller (@mskelseymiller) on

Photo via @mskelseymiller.
The rooms invited viewers to become part of the art themselves.

People did really cool things here. Cc @juliangwan #fossilq #29rooms

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Photo via @loveaurea.
A perfect opportunity to act out your Flashdance daydreams.

#29rooms #nyfw #brooklyn #refinery29 #art #silhoutte

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Photo via @gilly_nyc.
If these (pink, plush) walls could talk, they would ask to be petted.

Weekend, bai! Miss you already! #29Rooms

A video posted by Samantha Yu (@sammkyu) on

Photo via @sammkyu.
If only all ball pits came with pandas.

A photo posted by Laura GS (@thecarelessblogger) on

Care for some bubbly? Or perhaps, a few giant, inflatable bubbles?

"Maybe if i just tie all of these and attach them to my pants".....🎈 #Refinery29 #29Rooms

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Photo via @_claud_van_damme.
Adrian Grenier's Lonely Whale Foundation sponsored one of the rooms.

Mr. & his Sisters. Don't mess with the blessed. #29rooms w/ @madison.utendahl & @sydbaby_

A video posted by Adrian Grenier (@adriangrenier) on

Photo via @adriangrenier.
Thanks to picturesque Bushwick, even the line was Instagram-worthy.

That line though 😩 #29rooms #bushwick events/exhibits in New York should last more than3 days

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Photo via @salexis5.
The theme, Powered by People, was brought to life in a room where viewers literally powered the dance floor.
These tiny neon rooms were actually photo booths that invited people to share stories of kindness in their lives.

#29rooms #allabout #neonlights and #doors #refinery29 #seethrough #neon #glass #room #slowly #takeyourtime

A photo posted by Joowon Ahn (@sbsb1118) on

Photo via @sbsb1118.
Leave it to this gorgeous art installation to make us miss landlines.

New phone, who dis⁉️

A photo posted by Marlene (@marrjennings) on

Photo via @marrjennings.
29Rooms may be over for this year, but the mural at the end sums up how we feel about it ending.
29Rooms — Refinery29’s magical art and fashion funhouse — was just back for its second year, kicking off during NYFW, from September 9 to 11. The event’s theme, Powered by People, brought our commitment to women claiming their power to life. To celebrate this sense of possibility, we’ve curated content that embodies our theme and pushes you to do more — start the conversations you want to hear, make change. We built our dream world and want to inspire you to power your own. For more information on the 29Rooms event and our initiative, click here.

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