These Are The Beauty Apps The Pros REALLY Use

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Pick up an iPhone, any iPhone, and it's pretty safe to say you'll find Instagram, Facebook, Seamless, Uber — and maybe even Bumble, VSCO, and Facetune — on the home screen. But there's a whole rabbit hole of cooler, under-the-radar apps to round out your collection, especially in the beauty sphere, and no one knows them better than the hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists who use them to make their clients look amazing.

To wit: Makeup artist James Kaliardos, a fixture backstage at Fashion Week, uses real-time makeup try-on apps to test how a goth lip would look on models walking the Rodarte runway. Meanwhile, hairstylist Caile Noble, who works with Gigi Hadid and the Haim sisters, swears by one that lets you test bangs before actually cutting 'em. And hairstylist Jen Atkin? She has a digital Rolodex to keep Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen's appointments straight.

Ahead, we asked them, along with other top pros, to spill about the beauty-related apps they always open. Click through, and start making room for a few more squares on your screen.

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Photo: Via @cailenoble.
The Pro: Caile Noble, celebrity hairstylist

The Apps: "The Schwarzkopf app is my go-to hair app to use with clients that struggle with change. We’ve all struggled with the big questions: Bangs or no bangs? Should I go short? This app is brilliant in that you instantly get a general idea of what a style would look like on you, without the commitment. Simply take a selfie and, within seconds, you can see what you look like with that new cut or style you’ve been secretly coveting.

"Recently on a job, the models on set were raving about Enlight — and now I'm hooked, too. It is the best picture-editing app I’ve used, and has completely replaced Facetune and all other photo apps for me as it does everything they do and more. From the amazing filters to the lighting adjustments, the options are endless. This app is built with more depth and artistry — it’s the pro version of Facetune."
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Photo: Via @jameskaliardos.
The Pro: James Kaliardos, makeup artist, founder and director of Visionaire

The Apps: "I use Makeup Genius and Modiface. Both apps 'snap' makeup on your face in real time, so you can see it in action. It's a fast way to see a look on a model or actress and decide — with imagination — how I would interpret the look (of course, I do it a bit better!) on them.

"For instance, if I'm thinking of a dark mouth, like I did last season at Rodarte, I can see it fast on the app and see if it's the vibe I like, or I can switch to a rock-'n'-roll eye without messing up the rest of the makeup. On shoots, we have to work so fast that cleaning up black eyeliner and irritating a model or actress' eye is not an option. We all can use our imaginations and just get an idea for a look with these apps. We are under super-tight time constraints these days. Also, psychologically, seeing yourself as an image on a screen works better than looking into a mirror."
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Photo: Via @julieknailsnyc.
The Pro: Julie Kandalec, celebrity manicurist

The App: "I use Touch Blur a lot. It's a super-simple blurring tool for if, say, a client has a scratch on her hand that I want to camouflage before I post a pic. It's also really good for smoothing dark circles or crow's-feet without making the entire face look too overdone (like filters can do)."
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Photo: Via @jenatkinhair.
The Pro: Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist

The App: "The only app I have is StyleSeat, to book appointments and keep my Rolodex of clients in order."
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The Pro: Kira Nasrat, celebrity makeup artist

The Apps: "I love the ZIIP Nano Current Device. It helps reverse the signs of aging, eradicates acne, and, most importantly, promotes glowing skin. What's genius about this beauty tool is that it offers so many effective treatments through your ZIIP iPhone app and delivers specific nano-current waveform combinations according to your skin challenges, and the results that you want.

"The Glam App is another amazing one. It's great for those who are in need of a glam team straight to their door. The best part is that it's budget-friendly."
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Photo: Via @mattshair.
The Pro: Matt Fugate, celebrity hairstylist

The App: "I use FirstLook all the time to look for photos of clients on the red carpet. They have different photos from Getty, and usually always post them the fastest."
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