The Clothing Brands French, Italian & Japanese Girls Are Obsessed With

Sometimes, it feels like everyone in New York City is wearing the same off-the-shoulder top from Zara (you know the one), or all our friends are lusting after the same Mansur Graviel bag. These fandoms, obviously, aren't the same around the world — but while some labels are only big in their own hoods, others have become international status symbols (or at least, brands so familiar even your dad's second-cousin who hasn't bought a new pair of jeans in 20 years knows them).

To figure out exactly which brands are universally loved, we tapped Social Context Labs for a study, calculating the most popular brands in the most active fashion centers, all around the world. The researchers scraped Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums, to pull together 10 of the most talked-about brands according to 30 of the most digitally active fashion nations. Those included the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, China, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Taiwan, Sweden, Nigeria, Poland, Belgium, Thailand, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa.

Not surprisingly, the brands that popped up are totally recognizable. Ahead, 10 of the most popular brands, and our fave picks from them — from the fast fashion newbies to the high end staples. Surprise: The No. 1 brand is king of athleisure.
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10. Victoria's Secret
Who knew that a little store in Palo Alto, CA, would become a worldwide phenomenon? According to the numbers, the lingerie behemoth and parent brand behind Pink is the 10th most popular brand worldwide, with a major following in the United States, Australia, Brazil, India, Canada, and Argentina.
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A classic, lacey demi bra, pretty much the standard for VS.

Victoria's Secret Lace Unlined Demi Bra, $39.50, available at Victoria's Secret.
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Let's not forget Victoria's Secret Pink, the brand behind the cute, affordable yoga pants and sports bra spotted on college campuses everywhere.

Victoria's Secret Pink Ultimate Reversible High-Neck Sports Bra, $24.95, available at Victoria's Secret.
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9. Coach
Coach has gone through a recent rebranding that's gotten it a lot of love in fashion communities, but the iconic heritage brand has major appeal worldwide. The brand's fans mostly reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, Canada, Taiwan, Belgium, Thailand, and South Africa.
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The Disney x Coach collab that took the internet by storm released some adorable purses and handbags. This version is, unfortunately, sold out.

Coach Mickey Kisslock Bag in Glovetanned Leather, $395, at Coach.
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This classic leather biker jacket, from the Coach 1941 collection, gets a stamp of approval from cool girl brand Opening Ceremony.

Coach Icon Leather Biker Jacket, $1495, available at Coach.
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8. Hermès
Of course the brand behind the famous Birkin bag (a better investment than solid gold, apparently) ranks within the top 10 brands around the world. At number eight overall, it's No. 1 in Nigeria, but it was also talked about in the United States, Germany, China, Spain, Australia, Russia, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Thailand, Norway, and the United Arab Emirates.
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The classic Birkin bag is known for both its incredible quality and its incredibly high price.

Hermès Beton Matte Alligator Birkin 30xm Palladium Hardware, $72,225, available at Portero.
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The second most iconic item from Hermès? Its vibrant silk scarves.

Hermès Bonnes Vibrations Silk Twill Scarf, $395, available at Hermes.
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7. H&M
Even the Birkin Bag, however, can't compete with the ubiquity of fast-fashion brand H&M. Ranking No. 7 worldwide, H&M had the most active following in Australia followed by the United States, U.K., France, Germany, Spain, India, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and more. Perhaps we can thank its incredible collabs (like the Balmain collection, shown here) for the brand's popularity?
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Of course, H&M is known for great basics and on-trend items, like this V-neck layering dress for fall.

H&M V-neck Dress, $59.99, available at H&M.
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The fast fashion brand has also been investing in eco-friendly and "premium quality" pickings, like this on-trend blush pink sweater for cozy fall mornings.

H&M Cashmere Sweater, $99, available at H&M.
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6. Dior
The House of Dior started in Paris, but some 70 years later it's developed an international following. So while it may not have ranked No. 1 in a specific country, it was within the top 10 most popular brands for all the countries we surveyed, save for two: Germany and Sweden.
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The classic Lady Dior bag has become a staple in the Dior lineup, with "Cannage" stitching for gorgeous texture.

Dior Lady Dior Bag in Black Lambskin, price upon request, available at Dior boutiques.
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But, of course, you could get a taste of the Dior brand with its line of sunnies.

Dior Sculpt Mirrored Cat Eye Sunglasses, $580, available at Bloomingdales.
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5. Topshop
H&M's older sister might not be able to compete in terms of sheer number of stores, but the brand makes up for it thanks to the amount of buzz it generates. Topshop was the third most talked-about brand in the United Kingdom, and ranked within the top 10 in Spain, Poland, Thailand, and South Africa.
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This basic, gray, heeled sandal is perfect for summer-to-fall transitioning.

VERA Square Toe Sandals, $100, available at Topshop.
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Topshop's Ivy Park collaboration with Bey probably helped boost its rankings, too.

Topshop Sleeveless Logo Body by Ivy Park, $50, available at Topshop.
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4. Gucci
Much like Dior, Gucci had major reach and had active fanbases in almost every country we surveyed — only missing a top-10 spot in Germany and Japan. Naturally, the Italian brand was ranked No. 1 in its home country.
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The brand's hobo purse is a classic everyday bag, with versatile straps for both crossbody and shoulder carrying.

Gucci Signature Hobo, $1,850, available at Gucci.
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An equally utilitarian but completely different bag? This starred shoulder bag, from the GG Marmont collection.

Gucci GucciGhost Shoulder Bag, $1,890, available at Gucci.
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3. Chanel
The brand behind the classic quilted bag was actually the most popular label in Russia and Thailand. Of course, it was also talked about in every country we surveyed and ranked within the top 10 for all 30.
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This bag style is as iconic as the brand name at this point, from the double-C logo down to the braided leather chain.

Chanel Full Flap Bag, $3,500, available at Shopbop.
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Of course, who could forget Chanel eyewear, especially with muse Willow Smith as the face of the line?

Chanel Round Runway Sunglasses, $500, available at Chanel.
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2. Adidas
Here's proof that athleisure is a worldwide phenomenon: Adidas happens to be the second most popular brand in the world right now, and ranked as the most talked-about brand in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.
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At this point, fashion girls everywhere are pairing these non-flashy sneakers with every outfit, making twisted ankles a thing of the past.

Adidas Superstar Sneaker, $79.95, available at Nordstrom.
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2015's shoe of the year just might have been the Yeezy Boost 350, a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas. This year? They released a kids version of the cult shoes — which, predictably, has sold out. Best of luck on eBay, Kanye fans.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Infant, $130, at Adidas.
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1. Nike
Finally, the most talked-about brand in the world is none other than the other king of sneakers, Nike. In fact, Nike won more than half of the countries Social Context Labs looked into. The brand was the most talked-about label in the United States, South Africa, France, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Poland, India, Canada, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Taiwan, and Sweden. Blame Frank Ocean's new album.
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This black and gold pairing reads flashy to some, but classic to others.

Nike SB50 Nike Air Max 1 Ultra, $89.97, available at Nike.
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These throwbacks are so popular, Nike has limited sales to one pair per customer — so get yours, but don't be greedy.

Nike Air Jordan 12 Retro, $190, available at Nike.