If Mean Girls Was Made In 2016, These 16 Things Would Change

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Just 12 years ago, Mean Girls hit theaters. It was a tale as old as time: New girl enters school and soon realizes that teenagers are cruel — and teenaged girls can be even crueler.

It's hard to believe that a movie as timeless as Mean Girls can age. But it has.

Think about it: Mean Girls came out in 2004. The first iPhone hadn't been released yet. Texting wasn't the de facto method of conversation. There weren't apps. And Facebook — which had only launched a few months before the film's debut — was still in its infancy.

So what would happen if Mean Girls was made today? What would change for the Plastics in 2016? How would they slowly ruin lives, tear down self-esteem, and secure their evil reign over a high school of impressionable youth?

Click ahead for a list of plot points that would be totally different if the Plastics were in high school right now. The one thing that would remain the same? We'd all still feel personally victimized by Regina George.
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2004: Burn Book
2016: Private Facebook group (with Regina as admin)

Who has the time to go to Michaels and buy scrapbooking materials? Who has the time to maintain an actual scrapbook? No one. It's much easier to have a private Facebook group called "The Burn Book" and write about your classmates there. It's even easier for Regina to share it with the world. She can turn it public, invite the whole school to the group, delete her status as admin, and watch the world burn.
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2004: Spending time complaining about minute imperfections
2016: Beautify yourself with an app or filter

Why would any teen mean girl spend time staring in the mirror complaining about pores when she can take a page out of the Kardashian playbook and just filter that shit? Use that lovely Snapchat filter. Turn up the brightness on that Instagram photo! And if you're truly advanced, just use the Perfect365 app to make your skin flawless.
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2004: "On Wednesdays, we wear pink."
2016: "On Wednesdays, we take selfies."

Because wearing pink is SO basic these days. Isn't it more important for a modern mean girl to set aside time for her squad-selfie game? The answer is yes.
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2004: Accidentally kick a boom box into bae's face.
2016: Accidentally kick a Bose Bluetooth speaker into his face.

Where would you even find a boom box in 2016? But this is good news for bae — those Bose speakers are pretty lightweight.
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2004: "Information" connects you to your rival's mom.
2016: Just send a DM.

Calling "information" is SO 2004. No one does that anymore. And quite frankly, no one answers calls that come up blocked or anonymous. So just send that woman a DM from your anonymous account, which you've definitely made for evil since you're the meanest girl, ever. Either way, that girl isn't going out with anyone.
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2004: Your sister dances to Kelis' "Milkshake."
2016: Your sister dances to Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home."

Because every sexy song is by Fifth Harmony these days. And let's be honest — it could be worse. Imagine her trying to recreate Teyana Taylor's moves and look from "Fade."
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2004: Group calls
2016: Group texts

Girl, ain't nobody got time to coordinate and execute a group phone call that leads to a "gotcha" moment. It's just much easier to have a group text. Especially if your frenemy doesn't know the other numbers added to it. Either way, screenshots are always an option.
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2004: "Wanna go to Taco Bell?"
2016: "Wanna go to Chipotle?"

I mean, who actually picks Taco Bell over Chipotle these days? But it doesn't really matter. Why? Because you're on an all-carb diet! Karen, you're SO stupid!
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2004: "The inventor of Toaster Strudel."
2016: "The inventor of Pokémon Go."

Sorry, but if you dad created something that everyone under 30 uses, then it has to be an app. And what better app than Pokémon Go? It's so popular that it's even getting kids to go outside again. Your dad is a hero.
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2004: Janis finds out about Cady's party when driving by her house.
2016: Janis finds out about Cady's party after checking Snapchat.

Let's be honest: Cady Heron would have been snapping the whole night away. Because if you didn't snap your epic house party, did it really happen? Of course, it's a rookie mistake. But then again, so is throwing up all over your crush.
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2004: Stop trying to make "fetch" happen.
2016: Stop trying to make "major key" happen.

IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, DJ KHALED? Unless you're being ironic, I will block you. Seriously.
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2004: Spring Fling fad diet
2016: Spring Fling juice cleanse

Mean girls were all about (horrible) fad diets in 2004. Now, they would be all about juice cleanses to "detox" their bodies. For the record, juice cleanses are NOT what they're cracked up to be.
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2004: You're wearing sweatpants? You can't sit with us!
2016: You're wearing sweatpants? So chic!

Athleisure is real, people. Wearing sweatpants is cool now — even for a mean girl. Of course, leggings are preferred, but it's not an offense that merits a public ejection from the lunch table.
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2004: Fendi purses and a silver Lexus
2016: The iPhone 7 and access to her mom's Uber account

Sorry, but who cares about expensive items these days? Not Gen Z, trust us. But having the iPhone 7 before it's been released is pretty cool. Getting your mom to pay for Uber X whenever you want? That's even cooler.
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2004: Varsity Blues
2016: Easy A

Varsity Blues was Regina George's favorite movie, which is a little weird, given that it came out in 1999. Since Regina is so obviously behind the times when it comes to movies, her favorite movie in 2016 would probably be 2010's Easy A. Can someone get this girl a Netflix account?
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2004: A compliment from John Stamos
2016: A compliment from John Stamos

Come on, it's John Stamos! Uncle Jesse! That's high praise, even 12 years later.