How To Cope With NYFW If You Like To Complain About NYFW

Photographed by Nina Westervelt.
Today is the first day of New York Fashion Week, the bi-annual, seven-day-long overload on clothes, parties, and beautiful people. And we love it. It's our Olympics, in a sense, and now more than ever, designers are coming up with ways to let the rest of the world in on the week that was once too exclusive for its own good.

But with every seasonal event (like, say the VMAs or the Superbowl) comes a slew of trolls who just can't find anything nice to say. This guide is for you. Ahead, you'll find a set of friendly suggestions on how to avoid the NYFW chaos altogether, and still manage to get your passive-aggressive posts about it out in the open. This will help you prepare for — and cope with — the days ahead.
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Just, Like, Hide Them For A Bit
We all know how to block someone. But thankfully, Facebook has an unfollow tool these days for when you still want to torture your past loves with how much better your life is without them these days, but you don't want to see their stuff.

Hide your fashion friends until September 15. That way, you can control how much Yeezy coverage you want to see. And after, you can unhide them from your feed, and they'll never know you shaded them out in the first place. Who's the scammer now?
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Take A Break From Instagram
We know this one is hard, but just try it. Only look at Instagram when you post your own throwback sunset picture from Labor Day weekend or your açai bowl from the morning, and then quickly get off. If you stay on long enough to catch those first 11 likes, you run the risk of seeing #nofilter showroom appointment pictures or blurry snaps from the front row.
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"I Think We Need A Jacket Here."
Look, we know how confusing NYFW can be. Sometimes, we don't get it, either (who wants to look at clothes we can't buy for another six months?). Instead, why not get yourself out there and buy something you can actually wear now? You can worry about your next investment piece when it actually hits stores. Retail therapy does the body good.
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Pick Up A New Hobby
Thumbing through the internet can feel like an addiction. Put down the phone and enjoy a glass of wine with your fellow anti-NYFW compatriots. They'll enjoy your company, and you'll have another boycott buddy to add to your group chat next season. Or hey, catch up on sleep. You don't need to see what's going on in the world until next Tuesday. Shut your laptop and, literally, shut your eyes. It will all be over soon.
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Just Do It
Take this newfound week of rest and relaxation to fix something in your wardrobe that you've been meaning to take care of. You know that shoe that's buried under your other shoes because the sole started falling off, so you just gave up on it all together? Or that impossible stain you've been meaning to get out, but need a professional's touch? Take it to the repair shop — it deserves to be worn again.
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Write It Down
Since you won't be ranting on Facebook, create your own Burn Book. Seriously. Write your complaints out; it's not only therapeutic, but you can crinkle them up and LeBron them into the nearest waste basket of your choice. Poof...they're gone...NYFW never happened.
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Perhaps Reconsider Your Life Choices?
And finally, it's time to look in the mirror: Are you where you should be? How funny is it seeing I hate NYFW-themed posts from people who literally chose to work in the industry? (These people might also post Why I Left New York-themed articles and live in Brooklyn.) Look, we don't mean to give any side-eye or anything, but it might be time to ask yourself why you love NYFW so much, instead of why you find it so annoying. The glass may not always be half-full, but NYFW sets the tone until next season. At least you'll never go thirsty.
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