Kim Kardashian Has Terrible Taste In Her Husband's Music

In honor of Kanye's Saint West tour kickoff, wife Kim Kardashian shared a list of her husband's best work. As for the list? Hmm. How do we say this politely? It's a mess.

There are 28 songs on the list Kim released on her site. She calls the list "My Fave Kanye Songs" — but it might as well have been titled "A Collection Of Songs That Kanye West Has Indeed Released." Also acceptable: "Kanye Songs My Phone Shuffled" or even "All The Kanye Songs I Can Think Of That Are Not Explicitly About Or Inspired By Amber Rose."

Behold, the list:
1. “HAM” (Watch The Throne)
2. “FML” (The Life Of Pablo)
3. “Say You Will” (808s & Heartbreak)
4. “Amazing” (808s & Heartbreak)
5. “Sanctified” (Rick Ross' Mastermind)
6. “Cold” (DJ Khaled's Cold)
7. “Ultralight Beam” (The Life Of Pablo)
8. “Otis” (Watch The Throne)
9. “Black Skinhead” (Yeezus)
10. “Good Life” (Graduation)
11. “Everything I Am” (Graduation)
12. “Pt. 2” (The Life Of Pablo)
13. “Clique” (Clique)
14. “Bound 2” (Yeezus)
15. “Only One” (Yeezus)
16. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” (Graduation)
17. “Jesus Walks” (The College Dropout)
18. “Waves” (The Life Of Pablo)
19. “Famous” (The Life Of Pablo)
20. “No Church in the Wild” (Watch The Throne)
21. “Wolves” (The Life Of Pablo)
22. “RoboCop”(808s & Heartbreak)
23. “Gold Digger” (Late Registration)
24. “Heartless” (808s & Heartbreak)
25. “All Falls Down” (The College Dropout)
26. “Runaway” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
27. “All of the Lights” (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
28. “Real Friends” (The Life Of Pablo)

First, the obvious: It's hard to look past the utter insanity of starting any playlist with "HAM." This song hasn't aged well — today, it feels made by and for a college frat party in 2011. To start with "Ham"? To open Spotify and decide Yes, this is exactly the song I'd like for people to think about when they think of my husband? To suggest that "N----- in Paris" is second to "HAM" in any way is simply blasphemy at the highest level.

The fact that Kim not only chose "HAM" but decided to begin her playlist with it speaks to the underlying weirdness of it all. These aren't deep cuts, they're bizarrely obscure ones. "RoboCop," really? "Clique"?

The other odd thing about this selection is that Kim released it the day before Kanye's second album, Late Registration, turned 11. This album is a great and often overlooked work of art. Late Registration is Kanye at his most sly, as the merry prankster of mainstream rap. That he was so playful over soaring orchestras still feels stunning and unique. Instead of taking a minute to put some respek on this album's name, Kim chose its most commercial track: "Gold Digger."

It makes sense that Kim would be more into Yeezus and Pablo, since many of these songs are about her life as it is now. And it's impressive that she was really into so much of 808s, which had an echoing intimacy that was largely misunderstood when it was released.

But maybe this list proves what Kim has been saying all along: She really loves Kanye West. She loves him enough to sit through "HAM" and call it one of his greatest tracks.

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