Bloggers Tell Us What Straight-Size Brands Need To Expand

Last weekend a myriad of bloggers, models, designers, and more hit Atlanta for the second The Curvy Fashionista (TCF) Style Expo, a weekend of panel discussions, networking, and fun in a body-positive environment. In my conversations with fellow plus-size bloggers (I was fortunate to participate in a panel at the expo), one topic kept repeatedly popping up: When were our favorite “straight-size” stores finally going to wake up and realize that women above a size 14 want to shop those styles, too?

Considering that 67% of women in the United States wear a size 14 or above, these straight-size specific retailers are doing themselves a huge fiscal disservice by continuously ignoring this massive purchasing potential. Not only would a size range expansion be a step forward for increased inclusivity in the fashion industry, it would be a financial windfall for these brands.

Personally, I would love to see Marc Jacobs offer a broader size range. And while I keep praying to the fashion gods for my size-16 MJ threads, my fellow bloggers had their own list of designers and stores they'd like to be able to shop. Click through to see what companies are at the top of their lists, and let us know in the comments which brands you'd like to see expand their size range.
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Photographed by Liz Black.
ShaKera Ferguson
"I would like to see companies like Ann Taylor Loft expand its sizes to a 24, or even a 32, alongside other brands that cater to all women, instead of one particular size frame."
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Ashley Wall
"One, in particular, is Armani Exchange. I love Armani Exchange; it always has great sales. I go with my straight-size friends and am just like, 'Okay, I will be waiting around until you guys are done.' I just wish I could have that shopping experience with them for clothes we all love."
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Shainna Tucker
"If Zara did a plus line, I would be over the moon, because it has an aesthetic that is just so pleasing to me. You can go minimalist or over the top. You could wear its pieces two, three, four, or five years down the road and they would still be on-trend and fashionable."
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Jeniese Hosey
"I would love to see Zara go up to plus sizes."
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Amanda Allison
"I know J.Crew offers up to a 20 online, but it is a 20, and the selection is limited. I would love to see that expand."
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"The brand I would love to go to plus is Kate Spade."
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Jessica Milagros
"When I think about it, a store I would like to see expand into plus is actually Express. It sounds weird, because Express...I grew up with Express. Even when I was at my smallest, which was a 10 to 12 — I’ve never really been any smaller than — I would rock Express. I love it, and I love their very bodycon, very stretchy clothing. I feel like they have very sexy styles, but I would love to see them carry more than a large."
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Nikki Frenney-Wiggins
"I consider myself a Gucci girl. I love and grew up with Gucci, so I would like to see Gucci offer more extended sizes; right now, the shoes and bags are all I'm able to buy. I would also like to see Zara expand a little bit more into plus-size, because they have great fast fashion pieces, but those of us who are a little larger or have curves and who are stylish would love to be able to go into the store and shop their racks, as well."
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Crystal Coons
"The straight-size brand I would love to see expand into plus is Rick Owens. He does some really incredible work with leather, and he does a kind of edgy, modern, rock-and-roll minimalism that every rock-and-roll babe should have in her closet. Rick Owens all day long."