Buckle Up, This New Brand Is The Next Reformation

Reformation's cult following didn't just come out of thin air. The brand cornered cool several years ago with its stylish and effortless (in both form and function) dresses. These days, it hasn't lost any steam — as soon as a collection drops, "Ref babes" around the country race to the site to see if they can get their hands on what's in stock.

Yes, there's no doubt that Ref has secured a special place in our hearts (and wallets), but those of us who hopped on the bandwagon early on have been hoping and praying someone would give us something new that's just as good. Well, it's finally happening, y'all.

Enter Lara Pia Arrobio, the badass former-Reformation employee whose new line, LPA, has everything from leopard slip dresses to flame embroidered hoodies. While the attachment to Ref definitely gives her the chops to start a label that's bound to blow up, the vibe is entirely different. Sure, the clothes have that same coveted throw-on-and-go style, but all the pieces are tougher and a bit more edgy, all while being feminine and digestible for the soon-to-be obsessed. And with prices starting at $58 (and topping out at $1,300 for a leather jacket), there's an entry point for all.

Yep, this pretty much sounds like our dreams coming true. Click through to see what you can scoop up now and keep your eyes peeled for what's coming next.
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I want to wear this top everywhere.

LPA Top 13, $188, available at LPA.
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Picture this wild thing peeking out from your long, black coat in the fall. Cha-ching.

LPA Jumpsuit 15, $298, available at LPA.
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Not your average leather mini.

LPA Skirt 59, $550, available at LPA.
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The best take on dark florals we've seen in a while.

LPA Dress 10, $320, available at LPA.
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I'm trying to layer this over a turtleneck when it's chilly enough.

LPA Sweater 4, $188, available LPA.
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Under $100 makes everyone happy.

LPA Bodysuit 23, $98, available at LPA.
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Oversized moto for the win.

LPA Jacket 58, $1,300, available at LPA.
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Yes, please.

LPA Dress 8, $228, available at LPA.
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The cutout, lace-up sides are what's up.

LPA Dress 10, $320, available at LPA.
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Tuck into your skirts, your jeans, and even your Adidas track pants.

LPA Sweater 4, $188, available at LPA.
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Wear the belt around your waist or around your neck.

LPA Dress 14, $228, available at LPA.
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An off-the-shoulder top that won't fall down.

LPA Top 6, $168, available at LPA.
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When tube top meets crop top.

LPA Top 28, $58, available at LPA.
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Swap this for the dress you were going to wear to that event.

LPA Jumpsuit 15, $298, available at LPA.
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You won't have to think twice when getting dressed.

Dress 5, $238, available at LPA.
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Wear with the LPA tube top and throw a hoodie on over it until you're out at night.

LPA Skirt 29, $168, available at LPA.
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This belt can also turn into a choker or scarf.

LPA Dress 14, $228, available at LPA.
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Meet your new pencil skirt.

LPA Skirt 29, $168, available at LPA.
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A sick palette for all your crazy shoes.

LPA Dress 8, $28, available at LPA.