Drop Everything: Reformation's Summer Sale Is Here

Nothing can soften the blow of a Monday quite like a major sale from one of our favorite brands. And today, as if Christmas has come in August, Reformation's summer blowout not-so-secretly appeared online for us all to enjoy after another long day buried in work.

Now, if you're a Ref regular, you know sales aren't an all-the-time thing for the eco-friendly brand, so you probably already have your credit cards at the ready. On its seemingly infinite pages, you'll find an endless selection of summer dresses, two-piece sets, tops, and skirts ready to make their way into your cart, along with some items to get a head-start on your fall wardrobe, all for at least 30% off. And since the brand's regular price point, while not completely out of reach, is slightly higher than we're willing to pay on a whim, we're taking full advantage of this opportunity to scoop up a few staples at a discount. Click on for our picks so you can do the same.
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For end-of-summer weddings (and fall nuptials, too).

Reformation Marissa Dress, $218 $142, available at Reformation.
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Major heart-eyes.

Reformation Emmy Dress, $198 $139, available at Reformation.
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Is it weird if we wear this every day for the rest of the season?

Reformation Caftan Dress, $189 $125, available at Reformation.
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Take your plunge to new heights — erm, depths?

Reformation Adley Top, $128 $90, available at Reformation.
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Split that sundress in two.

Reformation Granada Two Piece, $178 $125, available at Reformation.
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A dress you can definitely justify buying (it's a solo piece now, and a layering one come fall and winter).

Reformation Rigley Dress, $218 $142, available at Reformation.
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Are those armpit slits for added ventilation? We're down with it.

Reformation Janis Top, $128 $90, available at Reformation.
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Never not shopping for a new black dress.

Reformation Belize Dress, $218 $153, available at Reformation.
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Change up your print game with one you don't see every day.

Reformation Canon Dress, $198 $139, available at Reformation.
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Getting some Alexa Chung vibes from this collared option.

Reformation Amberly Dress, $218 $153, available at Reformation.
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Taking that whole sleepwear-as-streetwear trend very literally.

Reformation Tea Dress, $218 $153, available at Reformation.
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Definitely not the bodycon you're used to.

Reformation Crawford Dress, $98 $59, available at Reformation.
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Overalls clean up nice.

Reformation Fella Overall, $218 $142, available at Reformation.
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It's about time you get in on the bodysuit wave (in case you haven't already).

Reformation Lozita Bodysuit, $78 $62, available at Reformation.
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Does it get any easier than this breezy LWD?

Reformation Arly Dress, $78 $55, available at Reformation.

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