The One-Size-Fits-All, $300 Bridesmaid Dress You Can Wear 10+ Ways

Photo: Courtesy of Lois London.
You know what sucks? Being forced to shell out a large sum of $$$ on a bridesmaid dress that A. Is probably not your style, and therefore B. You're likely only going to wear once. We get it, and we may have found your solution: an under-$300 gown that can be worn more ways than you can wrap your head around (or, at least, more than 10), and is being marketed as one-size-fits-all.

Created by London-born Radhika Perera-Hernandez, the designer behind the brand Lois London, the problem-solving Roxy dress is completely customizable. From hem to silhouette and size (which, in a single dress, ranges from 0 to 16), everything can be tweaked by the pull of some sneaky strings and a belt. And if that doesn't convince you (we promise, this isn't an infomercial), the brand's site displays the dresses on a variety of women to show how versatile they really are.

Ahead, we spoke with Perera-Hernandez on her journey from working the front desk to the design room at House of Deréon (shout out, Bey), and now her own brand.