The 9 Questions We Want Answered On The Hills' Anniversary Special

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Get your tissues and waterproof mascara ready. The Hills 10th anniversary special is here! The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now airs tonight on MTV. And while it's not quite a full-blown reunion Lauren Conrad promised to "tell the real story" and to "reveal things they haven't talked about before," in the trailer. We're pretty sure this is as close to a behind-the-scenes deep dive as we're ever going to get.
Let's be honest though: We're obsessed enough with The Hills that we're happy for any little morsel of nostalgia they throw are way these days. (Seriously, how has it been a decade since it went off the air?!). Here's hoping tonight's special will answer a few of the lingering questions that have been on our minds since 2006.

Ahead, we pulled the most burning questions among them into a slideshow that we're hoping Lauren and the gang will own up to tonight. As for whatever doesn't get answered: The rest is still unwritten. (#SorryNotSorry)
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How did L.C. and Whitney really land those Teen Vogue internships?

Was it through connections? Did MTV cast them? Were their internships in the works before the show even started? And almost as importantly: Why were they interns for so long? Do they keep in touch with any of their fellow Teen Vogue interns?
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Speaking of that Teen Vogue internship: Was the Paris opportunity even real?

Does she ever regret her decision not to go? Has she been to Paris since? What did Whitney even do in Paris?
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How does the cast feel when they hear "Unwritten" today?

Whenever we hear the song 10 years later, we can't not think about The Hills. We want to know: Does that song make them nostalgic, or want to pull their hair out? As far as we're concerned, we wouldn't mind spending a day watching the show with that intro on a loop over and over again...
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How did Justin Bobby even end up on the show?

JB's appearance felt kind of random on the show — and The Hills star later said that his relationship with Audrina was not real at all. So how did he end up on the series? Why did he sign up? And is he still wearing combat boots?!
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Speaking of combat boots: Has L.C. changed her stance on men wearing combat boots to the beach?

Who can forget Lauren consoling a heartbroken Audrina with the line, "Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don't want to call that your boyfriend!"
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Did these two really NEVER love one another? Not even a little bit?

Brody has openly stated that he never actually dated Lauren Conrad (though he did date co-star Kristin Cavallari). But we find that hard to believe. Can L.C. weigh in? Can she clarify exactly what their relationship was like? Was there really never any hope for them?
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Did they ever watch the show together when it aired?

We've come to terms with the fact that much of the show was fabricated for entertainment. But we're holding on to shreds of hope that maybe some of the girls were actually friends in real life. Perhaps they were like cordial colleagues, who may have watched episodes of the show together over wine and popcorn?
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If the girls were under 21, how did they always get into Les Deux?

And... What were they drinking in those glasses inside the club? Did they ever get sick of only going to one place for an entire season of the show? Lastly, a question for the now-defunct Les Deux owners: Can they bring the nightclub back as a pop up, just for The Hills fans?
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Finally, once and for all: WAS IT A MASCARA TEAR, OR AN EYELINER TEAR?

L.C.: We need to know! Here's our final call for you to give your definitive answer to the oft-debated conundrum. Also what's the brand of this mascara because ours definitely doesn't drip so artfully and we're hoping to remedy that.