Celebrities Who Can Celebrate National Cousins Day Together

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Can you believe it's finally here? It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating National Cousins Day. What? You say you haven’t heard of National Cousins Day? July 24 is the day to reach out to those extended family members and let them know how much you care. Maybe you round up your crew and get together for a reunion or a backyard barbecue. Not that close? Then take the time to text your mom’s brother’s annoying kid a penguin GIF and suggest he chill out.

If you’re curious about which celebrities will be relaxing in the shade of their shared family tree this National Cousins Day, click through and check out some famous sets of cousins, some we all knew about and some even they only recently discovered.

Don’t worry if all of your cousin plans fall through this year. According to the National Day Calendar, July 24 is also National Tequila Day and National Drive-Thru Day. Best not to celebrate those at the same time.
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Back in 2015, the genealogists at Ancestry.com were doing some Hunger Games-related research. They were looking for connections between Jennifer Lawrence and co-star Josh Hutcherson. Both actors have deep roots in the Deep South — Kentucky, to be specific. They didn’t find a connection between the real life Katniss and Peeta, but they did uncover a family tie with a different J Lawr co-star.
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You could call it the ultimate X-Men and Avengers crossover. Mystique and Hawkeye are related. Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner, who starred together in American Hustle, are fifth cousins, once removed. They can both trace their roots back to a single ancestor in Kentucky. For his part, Renner was stoked. He celebrated the news with a tweet to his newly found cousin in advance of Thanksgiving.

“I’ll save a spot for you at the holiday dinner...CUZ!” he wrote with the hashtag #whoknew.
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Snoop Dogg seems like he could host an excellent family reunion. If nothing else, you could certainly count of an abundance of awesome snacks. He could also have a serious family talent show, too, without even booking a DJ or making a Spotify playlist, by enlisting some of his cousins.
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Brandy and her brother, Ray J, are Snoop Dogg’s first cousins. All three have waded into the world of reality TV and have managed to diversify their entertainment careers. Lots of showbiz smarts to go around in this family.
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Ray J and Snoop Dogg have collaborated on several projects. Snoop appears in the straight-to-internet video for Ray J's "Smokin Trees" and Ray J drops in on Snoop's "Smashed The Homie."

While Ray J and Brandy grew up in California, all three cousins trace their roots to McComb, MS.
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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been in the BFF hall of fame since they won an Oscar together for Good Will Hunting, so it kind of always felt like they were unofficially related. Then, Ben Affleck went on the PBS show Finding Your Roots and blew up the joint with news that he tried to keep some of his relatives under wraps. At least one member of Ben's family tree was familiar to everyone.
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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are 10th cousins, once removed. They share a common ancestor, Thomas Knowlton, according to Geni.com, a genealogy research site. That just begs the question for your next nerds-only dinner party: Batman or Jason Bourne?
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The Amells have not one, but two, heroes from the CW’s DC Universe in their family. Stephen Amell plays the Green Arrow on Arrow. His cousin, Robbie, was on the short-lived The Tomorrow People and then joined the cast of The Flash.
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Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell are first cousins; their fathers are brothers. The two recently teamed up for a crowdfunding campaign for their first joint project, a movie called Code 8. According to Indiegogo, the Canadian cousins have raised over $1.7 million.

It’s a shame the family isn’t more photogenic.
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Speaking of Canada, some of the most famous imports from the Great White North are distant cousins. Ancestry.com did the research and found that Justin Bieber has a boatload of famous cousins.
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Ryan Gosling and Bieber are 11th cousins, once removed. According to Ancestry genealogists, both men can trace the roots of their family tree back to a couple named Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Biré. Mathurin and Marguerite were married in France and then moved to Quebec in the 1600s. Avril Lavigne is also Bieber’s cousin through the Roy-Biré line. Bieber’s even distantly related to Céline Dion. Oh, Canada!
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You might not realize that Jason Schwartzman is part of a Hollywood dynasty. His mom, Talia Shire (Adrian in Rocky and Connie Corleone in The Godfather) is legendary director Francis Ford Coppola's sister. Filmmaking is a family affair in the Coppola household.
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No joke, this crew could use awards as place cards at family dinners. Roman Coppola and his cousin, Jason Schwartzman, work together as writers and producers on the TV show Mozart In The Jungle.
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Roman’s sister, Sophia Coppola, is, of course, an accomplished writer and director, as well. The extended family also includes Nicholas Cage and a ton of other writers, directors, and producers. If you’re curious, The Hollywood Reporter broke down the whole family tree.
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Melissa McCarthy is having a bona fide moment with Ghostbusters and the success of her fashion line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7. One of her first jobs, however, was working on the short-lived sitcom Jenny, starring her first cousin, Jenny McCarthy. The two don’t appear to be close, but that’s partly because of geography. Jenny lives in New York, and Melissa is based in L.A. Melissa told Howard Stern that the cousins are in “opposite worlds.” Whatever the case, smart money says a McCarthy family reunion would be hilarious.
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Jenny McCarthy and her cousin, Melissa, grew up as part of a large Irish family in Chicago. Last summer, Jenny shared on Instagram a #tbt of “Me, my sis, and my cousin Melissa,” when they were children visiting a zoo.
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David Cameron, who stepped down as U.K. Prime Minister following the Brexit vote, made headlines last year with an interview with Heat magazine. Cameron was asked if he watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The answer to that question was no, but he did have something to say about Kim and Co. The former PM says they are related to each other.
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David Cameron says that he and Kim Kardashian West are 13th cousins, sharing an ancestor named Sir William Spencer, born in 1555. This is all according to the genealogy research site Geni.com.
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