8 Times Her Hair Totally Would Have Been Ruined

Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios.
We love watching ladies kick ass on the big screen. We also enjoy seeing realistic depictions of women — and that includes their imperfect appearances. Unfortunately, those two things rarely go hand in hand.

It’s hard not to roll your eyes when a heroine emerges from an intense action sequence or rain-soaked make-out without a hair out of place. No, literally. Movie hair is always perfect. Where is the frizz? The flyaways? Don't they get sweaty or oily running around in those skintight bodysuits? How come we always emerge from 40-minute Pilates sessions with a bird's nest on our heads, while Jessica Alba and ScarJo can fight fiery villains to the death and still look like they're filming a goddamn Pantene commercial? Oh, right — Hollywood.

Well, we’re calling B.S. on the whole “perfect hair” business. Ahead, we present you with eight choice scenes in which her hair should actually look like total shit — or at least not post-salon perfect.