Everything You Need To Know About The Kat Von D & Jeffree Star Drama

Photo: Getty Images.
This story was originally published on July 20, 2016.

An ongoing feud between makeup entrepreneurs and former friends Kat Von D and Jeffree Star came to a head today, with Von D releasing an Instagram post and a tell-all video that documents the duo’s one-time friendship and explosive falling-out.

While this came out of nowhere for many fans, it appears as if tensions had been rising for months, according to a nearly 14-minute video posted by Von D. For Von D, the disintegration of her friendship with Star seems to have culminated in a text exchange that went down last week, in which Von D claimed she was working to advocate for a friend who created artwork for Star, but who allegedly never got paid. “I kindly ask you, Jeffree...all I ask is that you do the right thing,” Von D pleads in her video.

So how and when did it all go wrong? Here’s everything we know so far in timeline form. Click ahead to get all the juicy deets.