Who Knew Usher Had So Much Range?

It's 1998 and I'm 11 years old. I'm at the TD Garden in Boston waiting for Janet Jackson to perform as part of her Velvet Rope Tour. But first, Usher takes the stage. He's dancing on platforms. He's ripping off his shirt. This is my earliest and most distinct memory of him.
Flash-forward 18 years to a casual Friday conversation among coworkers at Refinery29. As it turns out, my vision of Usher is not the Usher everyone remembers. For some, it's all about She's All That Usher, in which he plays a high school DJ. For others, it's any time he's wearing a beanie. After much discussion, we realized there are actually so many Ushers, each with his own appeal and attitude.

Ahead, I've curated a bunch of Ushers for you to comb through. Which one speaks to you? Which one is YOUR Usher?
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Coachella Usher
Wouldn't dream of drinking from a red Solo cup. Here to hang with you and your girlfriends without inserting himself too much in your conversations so it still feels like a girls' night out and at the end all the girls are like, "Usher is so sweet."
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Fresh As Hell Peacoat Usher
He gets the J.Crew catalog. He always smells nice. He's here to love you.
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Ready To Meet Your Mom Usher
Kisses her on the cheek in a way that's polite but also makes her feel young again.
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Cool Jaywalking Usher
He doesn't give a hell about your crosswalks. He throws his deuces up to danger.
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Lip Biting Usher
Like whatever he just said was fire.
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Shopping Usher
Swings by the local mall on his way home from work to buy you a present JUST BECAUSE. It's not even your anniversary or your birthday or anything.
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Blowing You A Kiss In My Beanie Usher
And that kiss is a two-finger situation. None of that full-hand action. It's more sensual this way.
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Stripper Usher
Honestly, if he's performing, he's stripping. So this one doubles as Performer Usher.
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Bashful Usher
Just got really vulnerable with you and told you he's too scared to watch horror movies at home.
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Fashun Usher
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Inspirational T-shirt Usher
Wears tops with a message. This one says "HAVE WE TRULY ACHIEVED OUR INDEPENDENCE," but he would never wear it around your dad because he knows how politics upset him. Drinks only bottled water, but feels guilty about contributing to the plastic-waste problem on our planet. Wears the ugly frog shoes that are just outlines of your feet.
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Accessories Usher
Not to be confused with Fashun Usher, he most enjoys pairing chains with scarves.
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Apocalyptic Hero Usher
Always has canned goods. Here to help defend you from the baddies. Wears only black leather and sunglasses.
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Practical Layers Usher
He, like you, is never sure if a room will be too hot or a bit chilly. He's ready for any temperature.
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Mature Usher
Prioritizes warmth and comfort over style.
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Seasonal Pumpkin Patch Usher
Does not judge your fall latte obsession. Is here for the brisk air and foliage.
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Casual Cardigan Usher
Knows you appreciate it when he wears something a little fancier than just a T-shirt. Embraces minimalism.
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Davy Crockett Usher
Known accomplices include Johnny Appleseed and the Lost Boys from Peter Pan.
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How Many Hats Can I Get Away With? Usher
Always testing the limits.
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Double Exposure Usher
Misses the creative options we had for yearbook photos, so incorporates them into his shows.
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Horse Usher
He has the range.
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Amateur Photographer Usher
Supportive boyfriend who takes pictures of your #OOTD for your Instagram account.
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Virtual Reality Usher
Rooted in '90s nostalgia but always looking to the future.
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Fun Guy At Your Wedding Usher
He sees the photographer walking around the dance floor. But he's not here for candids. He's here to show the photographer just how lit this wedding is.
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Off-Center Henley Usher
Is so chill and relaxed that he doesn't even care if his buttons aren't directly in the center of his perfectly chiseled torso.
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Feminist Usher
Sees the way women are objectified through male fantasy and dresses up as a sexy librarian for you.