5 Things That Will Make Your Travel WAY Easier

Suitcases that are merely meant to store your clothes and shoes are a thing of the past. Today's new suitcases are packed with perks to help you stay connected on the go.

There's a reason more and more companies are jumping on the smart luggage trend: It's what every 21st century traveler needs and wants. From suitcases with built-in scooters and chargers, to zipper-free cases, to sections that help overpackers squeeze more in, your luggage can finally keep up, whether you've got ambitious adventures abroad or intense business trips.

Click through to see five of our favorites and find the one that matches your travel style.
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Photo: Courtesy Microluggage.com.
For the time-conscious traveler

Jaden Smith
knows what's up. Will Smith's son uses Micro's hybrid suitcase-scooter when he travels, and we can see the appeal. Zip through your terminal on the kickboard (it's TSA compliant, so no worries there), then fold it up to fit in the plane's overhead bin.

Micro Luggage Scooter Suitcase, $300, available on microluggage.com.

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Photo: Courtesy Microluggage.com.
The steerable scooter portion of the suitcase means it's easy to pull stuff out (and put things inside) your luggage while it's standing upright — no more laying your luggage flat on the ground and exposing the contents to everyone at your gate. There's also a padded section for your laptop.
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Photo: Courtesy Arlo Skye.
For the stylish traveler

Execs from Louis Vuitton and Tumi collaborated to create the brand-new luxe luggage line Arlo Skye. The super lightweight carry-on (available in metallic Champagne and silver, as well as black) is more expensive, but is definitely worth the splurge. Below the handle is a built-in charger for your devices, and…

Arlo Skye Carry-On, $495, available for pre-order on arloskye.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Arlo Skye.
…zippers are a thing of the past. The suitcase has a one-touch open and close frame with locks for even greater security.
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Photo: Courtesy Bluesmart.com.
For the business traveler

Bluesmart's carry-on covers all your bases, from when you're packing at home to your arrival at the airport. The case includes a digital scale so you can make sure you avoid extra fees, as well as a built-in battery charger.

Bluesmart One, $449, available on bluesmart.com.
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Photo: Courtesy
You can use Bluesmart's accompanying app to track your suitcase via GPS so that you know where it is at all times. You can also lock your case remotely in case you forget to do so when you check it.
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Photo: Courtesy Raden.
For the constant traveler

Raden's pretty pastel cases come with two built-in chargers to make sure your devices stay fully charged at all times. With the case's app, you can track your luggage and check out how much it weighs.

Raden The A22 Carry, $295, available on raden.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Raden.
You can also use Raden's app to enter your travel itinerary and stay on top of details about your flight and the place you're headed. You can look at the weather, track TSA security wait-times, and find out how long it will take you to get from your hostel to the airport in real time.
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Photo: Courtesy Away.
For the always-packs-too-much traveler

Away's case offers the basics at their best. The light, polycarbonate case has a compression system to help you pack more, without taking up more space. It also includes a very useful removable laundry bag.

Away The Carry-On, $225, available on awaytravel.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Away.
And a built-in charger with USB ports means you'll never have to clamor for one of the few charging stations at your gate.