9 Next-Level Grilled Cheese Hacks

Photo by Claire Thomas @KitchyKitchen
The grilled cheese will always be a classic sandwich choice. The humble sammy has taken us from childhood through high school, college, and even into our adult years. Requiring little to no prep-time and only the simplest ingredients, it's an affordable, quick, and easy comfort-food meal that also happens to be unbelievably delicious.
Although we are always more than happy to munch on the classic, it never hurts to have a few new cheesy tricks up our sleeves. Stumped on how to spice things up? Food blogger Claire Thomas of the Kitchy Kitchen shared her next-level grilled cheese hacks to get you started. From combos like cheddar, bacon, and whiskey to brie, strawberries, and honey, the grilled cheese game has officially been stepped up.

These nine recipes are sure to keep your love affair with the cheesy sandwich going strong for many years to come.

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