Vegans Rejoice! Bailey's Is Making An Almond Milk Liqueur

Photo: Courtesy of Baileys.
Attention, vegans, lactose-free fans, and all avoiders of dairy: We have some big news for you. Baileys, the makers of the most popular cream-based liqueurs, is introducing a brand new spirit made with real almond milk.

The new dairy-and gluten-free liqueur is called "Almande." It is made with a brilliant mixture of sweet almond oil, almond essence, cane sugar, purified water, and vanilla. You can enjoy it simply over ice just like the classic Baileys or, per the brand's suggestion, try it with coconut water for a special summer cocktail. (If you're feeling really ambitious, you can also use it in a boozy frappé.)

While Baileys has not yet issued an official statement explaining why it decided to create a vegan version of its classic liqueur, a company rep told My Vegan Journal it was due to the shift toward plant-based foods and part of an effort to “get with the times.” Which makes sense. According to One Green Planet, the plant-based food sector experienced an 8.7% spike in the past two years. Regardless of the reason, it seems like a smart product to launch, since a whopping 36% of consumers actually drink milk alternatives.

Bring on the white Russians and Irish coffee.