7 Times Helena Bonham Carter Just Couldn't Have Cared Any Less

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images.
On May 26, Helena Bonham Carter, queen of teen goths everywhere, turns 50. But just because you ditched your Bellatrix T-shirt years ago doesn't mean you shouldn't stop looking up to Carter.
Love or hate her fashion sense, she's always been unapologetic about her personal style. And her likes and dislikes. And just about everything that makes her, her. She does gravitate toward the dark side of things, but she always has a sense of humor about her passion for the macabre.

Calm in the face of creepy, Carter has perfected the art of not caring. After going through a few Sweeney Todd songs (or Corpse Bride, if you prefer), let some of Carter's more confident moments inspire you. Whether that means letting a rude comment roll off your back or trying out those long lacy gloves you weren't quite sure about, ahead, bow down to the queen of giving no fucks.
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Chill Kill List

It's hard to say what's more amazing here: Carter so nonchalantly listing off the beloved Harry Potter characters she got to kill, or completely un-self-consciously attacking a fruit plate.
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Photo: Target Presse Agentur Gmbh / Getty Images.
Walk This Way

Carter is too awesome to simply smile and wave at the camera.
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A Wand In Your Back Pocket

There's really no better way to handle kids than the vague threat of magic.
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Continuing To Stay Alive

This is the kind of pop culture moment that needs to be immortalized forever.
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And She Rocks Mismatched Shoes

"You're going to bitch about me anyways, so I might as well give them something to bitch about," needs to be needlepointed on pillows immediately.
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She's There For Her Fans

Whether they have short, thick legs or they're admiring hers, she's into it.
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Creative Parenting

If you have a special tool to get kids to behave, of course you're going to use it. And she doesn't seem apologetic about it either.