No Significant Other, No Problem: Just Play These 11 Songs

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Beyoncé may have made the phrase "single ladies" a rallying cry for independent and fierce women everywhere, but that doesn't mean she's the only one touting the benefits of singlehood. In fact, plenty of badass ladies have taken to singing about being better off by themselves — even a reportedly newly single Taylor Swift.

That's right — no longer is "single" associated with "sad," "spinster," or "alone." Instead, these songs celebrate being unattached and independent. They're all about being happier, sexier, and more satisfied by yourself.

So if you're looking for sad breakup songs to cry to, they're not here (they're here, instead). But if you (ahem, Ms. Swift) are in need of some anthems of independence? We got you. Ahead, all the songs to play when you want the single ladies in the club to break it down. Did we miss your favorite? Add them in the comments below.
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"Chained To The Rhythm," by Katy Perry
Who can even think about Valentine's Day when there's a new, subtly political Katy Perry dance jam to play on repeat?
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"We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift

The happiest breakup anthem by far, Taylor Swift reminds us all that we're always better off without a bad relationship.
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"Independent Women" by Destiny's Child

Long before putting a ring on it, Queen Bey was breaking it down with Destiny's Child, calling "all the women, who are independent... all the honeys, who making money...[and] all the mommas, who profit dollars." Because yes, badass women afford their own shoes, clothes, rocks, and cars.
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"No Scrubs" by TLC

Every girl knows what a scrub is — "a guy that thinks he's fly, and is also known as a buster." Unsure of how to get the message "not interested" across firmly? Just say, "I don't want your number (no), I don't want to give you mine and (no), I don't want to meet you nowhere (no), I don't want none of your time and (no), I don't want no scrubs."
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"Me & My Girls" by Selena Gomez

The title says it all: Gomez dedicates this driven jam to her best friends, who come out singing backup. "That's kind of what I've been experiencing — being single, going out, not worrying about any guys, just being with your girls," Gomez told iHeartRadio.
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"Single" by Natasha Bedingfield

If you ever need a reminder that you don't need a man to save you, another person to validate you, or another half to make you whole, this is your anthem. Because you definitely don't need to be on someone's arm to look good.
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"Love Myself" by Hailee Steinfeld

If there was ever a song about not needing someone else to satisfy you (sexually and emotionally), this is it. "I'm gonna put my body first and love me so hard 'til it hurts," Steinfeld sings. Yes, you do know how to scream your own name.
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"Boy Problems" by Carly Rae Jepsen

You might have had a breakup, but this song makes you realize that you don't really care. Everyone has boy problems, and dancing to this tune with some of your best friends is by far the best way to get over it.
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"Problem" by Ariana Grande

With the screaming sax, the swagger, and the Iggy Azalea riff, this song is the best reminder that sometimes, not being in a relationship is just one less problem to have.
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"Feelin’ Myself” by Nicki Minaj ft. Beyoncé

Two badass ladies, one hella statement of a song. Learn to feel yourself like these boss babes, and you won't give a damn about anyone who tries to break your heart.
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"Single Ladies" by Beyoncé

Finally, the most single anthem of them all. The best revenge, after all, is to feel like the best version of yourself, go out, and have the time of your life.