5 Must-See Moments From Chelsea On Netflix

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
If Chelsea isn't on your weekly Netflix lineup yet, you should probably reevaluate your TV priorities. The comedian's new talk show is first of its kind for the streaming service, with new episodes going up three nights a week at midnight. But this is one late-night show you can actually keep up on if you're one of those people who take getting their eight hours very seriously and go to bed before midnight on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
The half-hour show takes the best elements from the comic's two former TV ventures — her talk-show Chelsea Lately and her Netflix docu-series Chelsea Does. She tackles topical issues niche and broad with a mix of sharp monologues, pre-recorded bits, and fascinating guests. Nothing's off-limits: lube, education, GMOs, divorce, and so forth. The conversational interviews are with both celebs like Drew Barrymore and very smart and interesting people you've probably never heard of. Oh, and one more thing: Her adorable dog Chewy seems to have free roam of the set, and it's kind of amazing. Here are the show's best moments so far.
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Drew Gets Real About Divorce
Unlike most stars — who try to spin their divorce as a beautiful life experience or something — Barrymore isn't afraid to label it a "failure."
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Chelsea Names The Continents
Um, you'll definitely want to see the one she misses... awkward.
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Chelsea Grammar
Who knew Handler was a stickler for grammar? Don't ever say "anyways" around her. "Anyone who uses the word 'anyways' immediately sounds like they just graduated from cosmetology school... No offense to my hair and makeup team #girlsquad."
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Chelsea Stars On A Mexican Soap Opera.
A for effort, but the comedian's Spanish skills are entertainingly lacking.
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Goop Talks Lube
Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to know that your lube is toxic, so stop putting that inorganic crap in your vagina. Also, Chelsea pees when she coughs because, as Gwyn puts it, "the penises you utilize are too large."