These Photos Show How Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Fell In Love

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Their love story may not be a long one, but it has been quite the journey. This is a tale of exes, of Lamborghinis, of family drama, and of romance. This is the story of Rob Kardashian and Angela White (better known as Blac Chyna.)

Unlike the rest of his family, Rob is content with his private life. The Kardashian family, as a whole, has a far-reaching web — as well as extremely well-documented lives, so in that way, Rob is an outlier. He is shy, reserved, and not a fan of the limelight, which makes his sudden romance with Chyna, the mother of his younger sister's boyfriend's child, all the more mysterious and hard to pin down.

In honor of their recent engagement, and pregnancy announcement, we journeyed back in the (not so long ago) past to resurrect the brief history of Rob and Chyna's love. This slideshow will also be helpful if you're confused about WTF is going on in Calabasas, CA.

But all you really need to know is this — ChyRo 4 Eva.
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November 2015 — The relationship isn't public (or happening yet.)

It's unclear when Rob and Chyna first started dating, but 28 weeks ago, Chyna uploaded this picture on her Instagram, claiming her relationship status to be "Lit."
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February 2016 — They serve up some PDA.

A Valentine's Day smooch between the two love birds. Their relationship had been public for less than a month at this time. The public displays of affection will only become more public, and more affectionate.
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March 2016 — Rob deletes all his photos (again) but posts this one.

At one point we freaked a little and thought ChyRo was no more, but it was just Rob being Rob and cleaning out his ole Instagram feed. The two were still very much together.

They starting sharing photos of each other on Instagram in late January of 2016, but have since deleted them. Rob is notorious for his post-and-delete antics.
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March 2016 — They celebrate Rob's birthday.

The two celebrated Rob's 29th birthday early by visiting Lego Land with Chyna's son, King Cairo.
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March 2016 — They're all smiles.

Rob moved in with Chyna shortly after the two started dating. He was previously living with his sister Khloé, but after an argument about his new relationship with Chyna, he moved out. The two seemed very comfortable together right off the bat, as seen in their many, many Snapchats of each other.
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April 2016 — They get engaged.

The least subtle engagement announcement ever. Money speaks louder than words. But massive diamond engagement rings speak even louder.
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April 2016 — They continue with the engagement posts, so we know it's real.

For good measure, the couple posted emoji versions of themselves. Something they will do again four weeks later to announce a baby Kardashian. The public, and Rob's family, starts to take the relationship more seriously. Although, coincidentally or not, Rob's whole family was on a family trip without him in Vail, CO when he proposed.
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April 2016 — Rob buys her a purple Lamborghini.

Chyna shows off her new engagement ring and new whip the weekend after the couple announced their engagement.
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April 2016 — Chyna and Kylie reconcile.

It's pretty clear why Kylie, of all Rob's siblings, would be the most upset by Rob's new girlfriend given the history between Kylie's own beau and Chyna. However, upon realizing that this relationship was the real deal, Kylie and Chyna buried the hatchet. Best of luck to them at all their future fam gatherings.
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April 2016 — The two attend an event at a club in Canada together.

Rob and Chyna have both been known to host parties at clubs. The two looked very happy during one of the more rare occasions that they have been spotted out together. They also attended an event at a strip club in New York and Atlanta after their engagement, sparking rumors that the two were secretly married.
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May 2016 — They announce that Blac Chyna is pregnant.

After dating for less than six months, the couple is adding a new member to their family.
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May 2016 — Rob shares a sweet Mother's Day post about his fiancée.

Kardashian wrote, "And last but not least happy mamas day to this beautiful Mama,, I fell in Love with her immediately because of how great of a mom she is and now I'm looking forward to starting a Family with her ! Thank You Chy for everything you do for me."