8 Super Trendy Yogurts From Around The World

Yogurt has become quite the trendy breakfast staple — it’s nutritious, delicious, portable, and best of all customizable. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, as a snack, and maybe even for dinner (no judgement here). In recent years, there has been a serious influx of trendy yogurts from across the globe that are now made in the U.S. and available at American supermarkets. You may have thought that your only options were Greek yogurt or that fruit-at-the-bottom, waterlogged kind, but think again.

From Iceland and Sweden to Australia and Indonesia, these tasty containers know no geographical bounds. Their flavor profiles range from sour to sweet and thick to thin — some even have fun names, like Quark or Skyr.

Worried about how to navigate all these dairy-case newbies? Check out a few of the best worldly brands out there, broken down by style and taste for your spooning pleasure.
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So, French-Indochinese yogurt with a Californian twist exists. This multicultural product was born out of the desire for a yogurt that is both delicious high protein.

Style: French-Indochinese

Taste: Unstrained yogurt with a light, creamy texture and a tart flavor finish.

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This yogurt brand utilizes the skyr technique, which dates back to the early ninth century when it was mistakenly created by a couple of ancient Icelanders attempting to store their snacks in milk. Smári's defining quality? Some of its skyr is made with whole milk instead of the traditional skim.

Style: Icelandic Skyr

Taste: Strained and concentrated yogurt for thicker and creamier quality.

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This Aussie brand lovingly incorporates family-farm fresh milk, wildflower honey, and real fruit puree into its yogurt. What else makes this down under product so special? It is crafted in small batches for big flavor.

Style: Australian

Taste: Thick and velvety yogurt with a sweet, tart finish.

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Technically, Elli does not market itself as yogurt, but as "cheese" (i.e. quark). It has no added sugar and is more protein-rich than alternative Greek yogurt products, to which it's similar.

Style: German Quark

Taste: Similar to Greek yogurt's rich and creamy quality with less of the sour flavor.

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Misha puts an American twist on German quark with a little help from the Amish. The brand spends a good 13 hours crafting its "cheese," and the result is akin to a mix between Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

Style: New American Quark

Taste: Thick and silky smooth yogurt with a mild taste (similar to crème fraîche).

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This brand boasts "pure Swiss yogurt, without any additives." The Swiss seem to know a thing or two when it comes to purified products (fancy water from the Alps?!), so we definitely trust them to deliver a no-nonsense yogurt product.

Style: Swiss

Taste: Stirred yogurt for a thinner consistency.

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Siggi Hilmarsson is an Icelandic New Yorker who had his mom send him her skyr recipe all the way from home — and poof, Siggi's the brand was created! With nothing artificial or too sweet in this yogurt, it's an all natural spoonful of Iceland.

Style: Icelandic Skyr

Taste: Creamy and thick yogurt with a very tart finish.

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We all know it well — Chobani was one of the first global-style yogurts to appear on the U.S. scene. It has drawn in the American masses with its sturdy consistency and endless flavor options.


Taste: Strained yogurt for a thicker quality.