5 Apps That Will Make You Feel Like Queen Bey

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Beyoncé is living the life. She just dropped a massively successful album and is embarking on a mostly sold-out world tour. She has a VIP kind of day every day — even when she's turning life's lemons into lemonade.

A mother, artist, and celebrity, she’s got it all (and let’s not forget to mention the fact that she’s smokin’ hot). Bey worked really hard to get to where she is and she deserves crazy perks. But you know what? We all work really hard and deserve crazy perks. You should be given the same premium experiences, since you’re the diva of your own life.

The secret to finding this inner diva is easy — and it resides in your phone. With these five apps, you can truly feel like a queen.
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"Run The World"

Ladies, let’s be real here — we know Beyoncé’s got it right in this song. We run the world and we know it. What runs us? Obviously, every person has different drives and needs, but when it comes to spoiling ourselves...a lot of us defer to retail therapy.

Unfortunately, there is one constant downside when it comes to shopping: waiting in line to check out. Who has the patience (and time) for that? Well, what if you could skip the line? That’s some serious VIP treatment! You can actually do that with Shopic, a convenient and easy-to-use app that is available on iOS and Android. Just scan your items to pay in-app and voila, you’re good to go! You may as well have a hulking bouncer follow you around with a red velvet rope, 'cause you’re that legit.
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"Single Ladies"

Beyoncé, you wrote not one, but two hits for single ladies everywhere: "Single Ladies" and "Independent Woman" (alright, the latter was actually Destiny's Child, but we all know you owned it). Independence is a huge aspect of being a modern-day woman. You don't need anyone but you — except maybe your squad of other strong, independent women. And all of you deserve some special treatment.

Between all of life’s challenges, it’s inevitable that you’ll need some time to unwind at the end of the week. But come on — the corner dive bar won't do for a diva like you. Use Owl to reserve a table at the hottest clubs. Currently in private beta in New York and London, you and your friends will feel like total A-listers with this app (and everyone else will think you are, too).
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Photo: Courtesy StyleBee.

We’re all dying to know: Who is Becky with the good hair? But we’re also dying to know how Beyoncé keeps her own hair looking so good. When you've got limited time and a lot of pressure, getting your hair styled starts sinking to the bottom of the priority list.

For those days when your hair is unruly and you’re looking like anything but “Becky,” you won't be sorry to try StyleBee. Thanks to this app, you can call a salon-quality stylist to your house. You can feel like Queen Bey by getting the full salon treatment — while still staying in your PJs. It's only available on iOS right now, but Android users can still book through its website.
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Whether or not you were blessed with a Beyoncé-style booty at birth, you can still feel fabulously bootylicious in your workouts. Keeping yourself healthy and in shape is a huge part of your well-being. And feeling good is what it's all about.

But heading to the gym isn't always the most attractive option, especially when there's a pint of Ben & Jerry's calling your name. Here’s where Vint comes in. Through its Android and iOS apps, you can instantly book a training session with personal trainers, reserve a spot in a fitness class, and even purchase passes to gyms nearby if you don't have a regular membership. Nothing makes you feel quite like a VIP than when you've got a personal trainer helping you work on your guns — or get you more bootylicious.
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Photo: Courtesy Plated.

Speaking of health, partitioning is great for your mental health. Between work, socializing, making time for your hobbies, and so on, you might feel lost in the shuffle. You can bet Beyoncé has a solid post-work routine to transition from paparazzi-ready superstar to couch queen in the evenings.

A great way to establish this kind of daily partition is to learn a new recipe or cook a meal for you and your loved ones. And the most VIP way to do this is with Plated. Not only does it offer new and exciting recipes you can access on your iPhone, it also delivers the necessary ingredients to make the meal, so you don't have to waste time at the grocery store. (Has Bey ever been spotted somewhere so mundane? I don't think so.)

Remember: You, just like Bey, are irreplaceable. And now, you've got the apps to make you feel that way.