The Only 15 Things You Need To Pack For Memorial Day Weekend

For the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, we're committing to packing light. Whether heading Upstate, to the beach, or having a full-on getaway somewhere tropical, the long weekend should be considered your official summer kick-off. And though that's obviously cause for celebration, it doesn't mean you need to bring any and every piece of clothing in your closet along for the ride. Instead, look at your must-pack list as a strict edit of only the best warm-weather pieces you've been dying to wear.

Remember: Go for versatility over trendability, and think of one as your magic number (yes, that means only one bathing suit, one pair of sunglasses, one tank top, etc.). Click on for the picks we're bringing along for the weekend, zip up that duffle bag, and get ready to take a few much-needed days to yourself — in style, of course.
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A regular running sneaker can feel a bit too covered-up for a weekend of sun. Instead, opt for a breathable, netted pair that adds a summery kick to any outfit.
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“I’m usually a bikini girl, but it’s the one-pieces that are really making my heart flutter,” Poppy Delevingne told The Telegraph earlier this week. And with options like these, we couldn't agree more.
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Though there are so many different tank top silhouettes to choose from, a simple, thicker-strapped version is a versatile option for whatever activity's on your agenda. Plus, those shoulders deserve to see some rays after months of being covered up.
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For chilly nights, boat rides, and bonfires, you'll be glad you have a cozy pullover. Long weekends are for relaxing, after all.

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What's better than an all-in-one outfit? That's exactly what this patriotic jumper delivers.
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Instead of piling in your usual rotation of denim cutoffs, opt for a surprising plum pair of shorts. The delicate lace trim makes this pair a touch more elevated.

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One backpack, one duffle bag, and you're ready to check out of reality for the weekend.

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For a dinner or a night out, you might want to have a pair of heels on hand. But don't go crazy. Just grab some low, comfy (and super cute) mules that feel dressy and casual at the same time.
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Get some shade with this face-protecting statement-maker.

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You know those ugly-cute sandals your significant other hates? Yeah, it's time to pull them out of storage.

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Nothing screams "summer" like a white, off-the-shoulder blouse. Sunny days are here again.

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Cover up? Check. Dress for family dinner? Check.

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A smaller pouch is key for when you only need the essentials.
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If you're only going to bring one pair of sunglasses for the weekend, better make sure they're statement-makers.
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Own the transitional weather with a pair of not-short/not-long denim shorts. They're more polished than cut-offs, but still look good with all of your tank tops and bathing suits.
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Paired with sneakers, heels, sandals...the ways to wear this simple dress are endless.

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