We Need To Talk About These Notorious B.I.G. Songs

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I remember the first time I listened to Christopher Wallace, also known as The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, or Biggie. It was in the 2001 movie Hardball. The song was "Big Poppa." His deep, heavy voice was oddly clumsy, though still maintaining a steady melody. He sounded big. He sounded intimidating. He also sounded sweet, like honey. The raps just rolled off his tongue. He quickly became my favorite rapper, past or present.

I also remember the first time I learned that he and I shared the same birthday, exactly 20 years apart. His: May 21, 1972. Mine: May 21, 1992. As someone who loves birthdays and puts a lot of weight on the once-a-year celebrations, this was a very important discovery for me. The familiarity and kinship I felt with a deceased rapper from Brooklyn was in the fiber of my being, us being birthday twins and all. This year is especially special, because I'm turning 24, the age Wallace was when he was murdered.

So, for those not fortunate to share a birthday with one of the greatest rappers of all time, here is a introductory playlist that will allow you to fall in love with the beats, raps, and overall vibe of Biggie.
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"Going Back To Cali"
Long before Miley Cyrus got off a plane at LAX, Biggie rapped about going back to California. You will never not rap "I'm going going / Back back / To Cali Cali" after listening to this song.
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This is one of my personal favorites. That chorus, tho.
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"Big Poppa"
My first favorite Biggie song. A smooth and relaxing jam. Anyone else thing Drake copied Biggie's turtleneck swag?
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"What's Beef?"
I'm a sucker for violins in rap songs. You will be, too, after hearing this.
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A more aggressive side of Biggie, but still with a touch of youthfulness. He's trying to be a hustler, even while eating his Cap'n Crunch.
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"Who Shot Ya?"
His most controversial song for the inclusion of a certain provocative lyrics immediately followed by gunshot sounds. Many think the song is Biggie addressing Tupac. Come for the controversy, stay for the piano.
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"Suicidal Thoughts"
The darkest of all Biggie's song, but still an important one to have a well-rounded initiation of the rapper's full repertoire.
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"Ten Crack Commandments"
The lyrics are actually amazing advice — they don't just apply to drug dealers.
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"Kick In The Door"
This. Beat. Though. Crank it up. And the little comedic bit at the beginning? Too good.
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Everyone's definitely heard these opening lyrics. The song's all about beating adversity and proving all your haters wrong. What's better than that?