Adele’s 28 Most Wonderfully Candid Moments

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Adele, you fun-loving British songstress, you.

The singer turns 28 years old on May 5, and we are so grateful for every moment the (mostly) private singer has shared with her eager fans.

Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, the singer has been in the music industry for nearly a decade now. She first started by uploading demos, one of them being "Hometown Glory," to MySpace in 2004. At the time, she was attending London's BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. Two years later, she was discovered and signed by XL Recordings in London. That led to her first album in 2008, 19. Then came her breakout album 21 in 2011, which garnered her six Grammys. Last year, Adele released 25, which gave us "Hello" and all the wonderful spoofs that came with it.

Her popularity has only increased over the years — and so has her delightful ability to make us laugh out loud.

The songwriter has come a long way since her first grainy cellphone videos appeared online. She now has a 3-year-old son, Angelo, who is the spitting image of Adele according to the singer's own baby pictures. She's in a great long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Simon Konecki, a man she just can't stop raving about. And we don't want her to.

She's never not charming. Never not cursing. Never not perfectly Adele. So, in honor of the powerhouse's 28th birthday, here are her 28 most brilliantly candid moments.
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When she rapped that epic Nicki Minaj verse from "Monster" during Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

"Okay, first things first I’ll eat your brains..."
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When she invited a man on stage to propose to his girlfriend during a performance.

Can you think of a more epic proposal story? Nope.
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When she dressed up as George Michael for her 27th birthday last year.

She tweeted the snapshots, adding, "Thank you for the birthday wishes I had a wonderful time! I was my hero x #gottahavefaith"
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When she figured out how to twerk.

In front of thousands of people.
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When she invited talented fans on stage during a show.

The two Irish guys had, only days before, created a viral mashup of her songs on YouTube, and Adele surprised the duo by inviting them on stage to perform.
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When she invited her doppelgänger on stage.

And then they took a selfie together.
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When she shared this wonderful gap-toothed smile from her youth.

That grin.
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When she blew everyone away, not for the first time and definitely not the last, at the 2012 Grammys.

Yes, those are goose bumps on your arms.
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When she sang a cappella on 60 Minutes.

Not because that was part of the plan, but because her nails were too long to play the piano.
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When she went to dinner with the dream crew.

Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Adele enjoying Mexican food together in New York. What could be better?
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When she auditioned to be an Adele impersonator.

And shocked every single woman in the audience when she started singing, revealing who she really was.
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When she pranked Jamba Juice employees.

Even Ellen DeGeneres couldn't keep it together watching Adele prank the staff of the smoothie joint.
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When she uploaded this beauty mask selfie

And captioned it, "I woke up like this." Same.
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When she talked about how excited she was for Rihanna and Frank Ocean's album.

"I am living life on the edge... I am the biggest Riri fan," she said. The singer has also said on multiple occasions that she is a huge Frank Ocean fan.
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When she met Jennifer Anniston on the loo and then accidentally called her "Rachel."

Oh, and she listened to her pee.
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When she fangirled over meeting Stevie Nicks.

"I was sobbing all over her oh my god," she told i-D. "I don't really like crying in front of famous people because it's awkward and it can make them feel really uncomfortable. But I couldn't contain myself."
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When she said, "I feel like Beyoncé" on Oscar night.

They both slay.
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When she was pranked by a Dutch actress and television host.

She's so endearingly uncomfortable trying to figure out if this woman (who looks a lot like Chelsea Handler in a wig) is for real.
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When she clearly lost her cool after watching David Blaine perform magic tricks.

Adele performs magic with her voice, so it makes sense she would also love some real-life tricks.
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When she photobombed fans posing with her Oscar.

Resulting in dozens of priceless facial expressions.
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When she went on Chelsea Lately in 2011 and shared her life motto, "You shouldn't fuck me over."

She also talked about how much better she was doing than her ex-boyfriend, who wasn't "as big of a prick as my last boyfriend." And she shared the story of how she mistakenly asked the real Sarah Palin if she was Tina Fey on the set of SNL.
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When she trumped Lauren Conrad's mascara tear.

Who wore it best? Adele.
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When she did an impromptu Classroom Remix of "Hello."

And used a plastic flip-phone.
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When she won Best New Artist at the Grammys in 2009.

And people were just realizing that she was a legend in the making. It's also pretty funny to go back and read the headlines after the event, like this piece titled, "Who Is Best New Artist Grammy Winner Adele?"
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When she did a Tiny Desk Concert at NPR.

And revealed that she didn't do the performance sooner because she couldn't get a Visa, joking that the U.S. didn't like her at first, but now we do.
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When she epitomized your #workout mood.

Wine about it.
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When James Corden had to cut her acceptance speech short

She's still so charming even when she's being interrupted.
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When she laughs.

One can't help but join in, which might be why there are entire videos dedicated to her "cackle."