These Snapchat-Filter Beauty Tutorials Will Blow Your Mind

Photo: via @nikkietutorials.
We’re calling it: Snapchat filters as Halloween costumes will be everywhere this year, thanks in large part to the latest makeup tutorials to hit YouTube. True, we have seen this kind of thing before — but this goes way beyond the ubiquitous barf rainbow.

The web’s biggest beauty gurus are taking to their channels to recreate our favorite — and most current — Snap filters. And the transformations are insane.

By using glue sticks and powder to cleverly cover eyebrows (in case you hadn't noticed, many filters remove your arches!), fine art brushes to make pencil-thin lines, and tweezers to place plastic jewels in precisely the right spots, these artists create end results that are dead ringers for the real thing. Seriously, just take a look.

Whether you plan to try this at home, or just watch to admire the transformational wonders, here are the must-see tutorials.
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A blowdryer and glue stick are key in making a spot-on strawberry girl Snapchat filter. But, even more shocking is the end result, which we dare say is actually really pretty.
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This lips-on-eyes makeup look not only made us do a triple take; it perfectly resembles the filter it was inspired by.
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Consider this re-creation of Snapchat’s comic filter an upgrade of 2013’s famous Lichtenstein-ian pop art makeup. Warning: This tutorial is not in English, but it's so good, we couldn't leave it off the list.
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Inspired for Halloween yet? Well, consider this lioness look the update to the tired black cat costume.
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YouTube channel icon Divine with stacks of super-pigmented shadow that reach way beyond the natural browline. Intimidated? Just click "play" for the step-by-step.
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This bejeweled number not only perfectly replicates the glistening Snap filter, but it's also the perfect look to wear at a summer music festival.
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