Too Faced Is Coming Out With A Sweet New Palette

Another day, another reason to thank the Instagram gods. We’ve just learned — via a frenzy-inducing post — that the next covetable palette from kicky cosmetics company Too Faced will be a mini one with the adorable name Chocolate Chip.

Teased by Jerrod Blandino, the brand’s vivacious cofounder and creative director, the palette looks to be a direct descendant of cult-favorite Too Faced eyeshadow collections Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, and Chocolate Bon Bons. All feature shades of shadow pigmented with cocoa powder and, amazingly, smell like chocolate, too.

The brand created these using research that shows the smell of chocolate can improve your mood, and with the idea in mind that the antioxidant- and moisturizer-rich sweet stuff can help improve skin. (Legend has it, Blandino was first introduced to the idea when getting a chocolate facial in Hawaii.)

While the brand couldn’t reveal anything beyond the tasty morsel dropped in Blandino’s IG post, we know this much: The travel-friendly compact is slated to launch spring 2017, and it will tap into the allure of white chocolate. And, if the first comments from diehard fans are any indication — “OMG!!!,” “I can't wait that long!!!!!,” and “I need this yesterday” — this bad boy will sell out fast.

Will the so-called #funsized release smell like white chocolate? And does white chocolate smell different than milk chocolate? (#Research.) For now, we have more questions than answers, but if past palettes have taught us anything, then this one will be sweet.

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