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Summer is right around the corner, which means it's time to prepare for an onslaught of lighter, brighter, juicier, punchier beauty products. We're anticipating their arrival with the same enthusiasm that we used to reserve for the ice cream truck. Only, what's way better than a Fat Frog? All the beauty offerings coming from across the pond.

British e-tailer SpaceNK has curated the ultimate summer stash. Ahead, we bring you some of coolest items coming to the company's shop in May. After you've finished exploring the many products in our slideshow, hop on over to the SpaceNK site and get lost in all their other offerings. Because summer is nothing, if not indulgent.
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This anti-aging serum delivers a healthy, glowy sheen. We guarantee it will skyrocket to the top of your new favorite product list this summer.

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Sun Glow, $116, available at SpaceNK.
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Never run out of highlighting or blush options again. These six shades can be layered or worn alone for a fresh, sun-warmed effect.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Tan And Flash Cruise, $82, available at SpaceNK.
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Black eyeliner is so last season. Trade in your moody shades for fresh and vivid hues, like this liquid turquoise.

By Terry Line Designer in Turquoise, $39, available at SpaceNK.
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Ditto goes for your lipstick. This tangerine shade goes on sheer, delivering a wash of energetic color with Jolly Rancher appeal.

By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge in Shot Orange, $37.50, available at SpaceNK.
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Even if you aren't anywhere near the ocean, this mousse delivers perfect, beachy texture. Rake it through damp strands and tousle as you blowdry to create sexy, piecey waves with a bit of polish.

Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry, $31, available at SpaceNK.
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Fine lines, be gone! These tiny strips, infused with pure hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, can be applied around the eyes to help plump skin and erase wrinkles.

111 Skin Meso Infusion Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Micro Mask, $160, available at SpaceNK.
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When activated (a.k.a., rubbed on), this solid balm melts into a luxurious serum. The silky formula glides on like a dream while tackling sun damage and inflammation.

African Botanics Marula Intense Skin Repair Balm, $160, available at SpaceNK.
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This Dr. Russo product might sound gimmicky, but it's the first FDA-approved facial cleanser with SPF built right in. It works like this:
the active sunscreen ingredients adhere to negatively charged skin cells, creating a protective shield that sticks around even after rinsing and drying. It's ideal for those who somehow forget to slap on SPF in the morning, or for responsible types who crave an extra layer of protection.

Dr. Russo Sun Protective Day Cleanser SPF 30, $75, available at SpaceNK.
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Used in conjunction with cleanser, this silky moisturizer is no lightweight — it blocks out harmful UV rays like a champ.

Dr. Russo Sun Protective Day Moisturizer SPF30, $145, available at SpaceNK.
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Nighttime is a chance for your skin to hit the "reset" button. This night serum will jumpstart that vital, reparative process.

Dr. Russo Night Repair Face Serum, $195, available at SpaceNK.
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But first, make sure to gently exfoliate off all of that tenacious sun protection you slapped on in the morning...

Dr. Russo Night Repair Exfoliating Cleanser, $75, available at SpaceNK.
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Give your matte lip formulas a vacay and pick up this lightweight glossy version, instead.

Chantecaille Lip Chic, $36, available at SpaceNK.
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Select from any of these four shimmery, crease-proof eye colors. You can use them wet or dry, sweeping across the lids or drawing precise lines.

Chantecaille Mermaid Eye Color, $34, available at SpaceNK.
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This moisturizer, brimming with anti-aging ingredients, delivers a matte finish, no matter the humidity.

Chantecaille Bio Lifting Oil Free Fluid +, $275, available at SpaceNK.
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Bergamot is the star of this new Malin+Goetz fragrance. With the addition of mint and musk, it's both splashy and sophisticated.

Malin+Goetz Bergamot EDT, $150, available at SpaceNK.
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Eve Lom's new brightening line will help break up dark spots and ease acne scars, while leaving you with a noticeably glowing complexion.

Eve Lom Brightening Serum, $150, available at SpaceNK.
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The lotion version provides a heavier surge of moisture, for those with drier skin.

Eve Lom Brightening Lotion, $75, available at SpaceNK.
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For a more intense treatment, pick up this luxe, 100% cotton mask.

Eve Lom Brightening Mask, $160, available at SpaceNK.
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This rosy primer from Hourglass evens tone, blurs imperfections, and makes your cheekbones look as though they're bathed in candlelight. Not bad for one tube.

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer, $44, available at SpaceNK.
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Blush, bronzer, highlighter — this trio of cream formulas has everything you need for a natural finish.

Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio, $62, available at SpaceNK.
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A SpaceNK exclusive, this body oil from Juara is an exotic blend of passion fruit, turmeric, plumeria, and other enticing tropical notes.

Juara Kartini Body Oil, $58, available in May at SpaceNK.
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The new hair-care line Ouai, created by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin (whose client list includes Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen, to name a few), includes an impressive array of products. The shampoo alone (seen here) comes in four different varieties.

Ouai Clean Shampoo, $28, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Ditto goes for the conditioner. There's Clean, Repair, Smooth, and Volume. Pick your bottle of choice, depending on your hair needs.

Ouai Clean Conditioner, $26, available in May at SpaceNK.
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For those in-between wash days, mist on this chic dry shampoo, which boosts volume and leaves behind a gorgeous floral scent.

Ouai Dry Shampoo, $24, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Jen Atkin recommends distributing this mask through your strands before working out. You'll feel invigorated by the end, and with softer, smoother hair to boot.

Ouai Treatment Masque, $32, available in May at SpaceNK.
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To disguise rough ends and add some shine, apply a drop of oil to the tips.

Ouai Hair Oil $28, available in May at SpaceNK.
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This super-fine eyebrow pencil allows you to fill in sparse arches, invisibly. And, it comes in three different shades: Black Tea, Coffee, and Latte.

Kimiko Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique, $25, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Not your garden-variety red, Eden is a vibrant, semi-sheer color that leaves you with that just bitten look.

Lipstick Queen Eden Lipstick, $24, available at SpaceNK.
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Lipstick Queen's chameleon-like lipstick is already a best seller, so it's not surprising that the brand is extending the mood-changing concept to different products. First up: this cream blush with the same pH-reacting, color-morphing properties.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush, $24, available at SpaceNK.
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In case you're not familiar with how the "mood-changing" products work, the green formula that you see in the tube turns a romantic pink shade once it's applied. We can't wait to get our hands on this shimmery lip gloss.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lip Gloss, $25, available at SpaceNK.
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This subtle, water-based self-tan spritz allows you to tan-on-the-go.

James Read
H20 Tan Mis, $31, available at SpaceNK.
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This clay mask gently coaxes sweat, makeup, and oil from your pores.

Omorovicza Ultramoor Mud Mask, $125, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Ask any beauty gal and she'll tell you: Taupe is the new black — especially for summer. The soft neutrals in this palette are perfect for daytime, and quietly sexy.

Zoeva En Taupe Palette, $32, available in May at SpaceNK.
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While these moodier options are ideal for smoky, nighttime looks.

Zoeva Naturally Yours Palette, $32, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Orange blossom, neroli oil, juniper berry oil. These are the refreshing notes that make up Diptyque's latest fragrance.

Diptyque Eau des Sens, $90, available at SpaceNK.
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Prevent your hair color from turning drab or brassy this summer with the help of this glaze from Oribe.

Oribe Glaze For Beautiful Color, $58, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Get beachy waves without the briny, crunchy factor. This medium-hold lotion delivers a matte finish with a soft feel.

Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion $42, available in May at SpaceNK.
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Work a quarter of this cream through dry hair to fake that lived-in, next-day look.

Oribe AirStyle Flexible Finish Cream, $42, available in May at SpaceNK.
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These much-anticipated contour wands — yes, contour wands — come in a silky serum-like formula. The texture, along with the packaging, allows for a seamless sculpting experience that even rookies can master.

Kevyn Aucoin
The Liquid Contour Wand, $48, available in May at SpaceNK.
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The bend in this mascara brush makes it great for thickening and separating your lashes, while the underside lifts and lengthens.

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Mascara, $34, available in May at SpaceNK.
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A palette almost too pretty to use, this highlighter, blush, and bronzer can be used individually our swirled together to create a gorgeous sun-kissed look.

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Bronzer, $58, available at SpaceNK.
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This cult-favorite highlighter is beloved for a reason. It's lightweight and you can wear it multiple ways: all over your face for an ethereal glow, or just on the high points for a natural, sun-kissed effect.

Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Sunlight, $44, available in May at SpaceNK.
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My coworker described this tiny tube as "tiny drops of sunshine," and she isn't wrong. It's a liquid version of the already-hero product and is just as comprehensive.

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting, $52, available at SpaceNK.
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Why not light up your entire face? The brand is also releasing a Sunlight lipgloss color so you can shine bright all summer long.

Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Gloss in Sunlight, $30, available at SpaceNK.
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