How Kim Kardashian Became The Beauty Icon She Is Today

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images.
Today, Kim Kardashian is one of America's top beauty influencers. In fact, some could argue she's the most influential figure in the beauty industry. To wit: If tomorrow she decided to wear eyeshadow on her knees — and we're not saying she hasn't already, anything is possible in 2016 — it would make national news.
The truth is, Kim K. has had quite the beauty journey. There were flat-ironed extensions and matchy-matchy makeup. Highly manicured brows and colorful eyeshadows. And of course, the contoured, strobed, and artfully painted-on looks that have influenced an entire Insta-nation.
Ahead, witness her awe-inspiring transformation from a trend-conscious Hollywood hopeful to a refined social media magnate. Did you really expect anything less from a woman who singlehandedly turned "glam" into a verb? We didn't think so.