18 Bisexual People Share Their Coming-Out Stories

Coming out isn't always easy, and bisexual individuals often face a specific prejudice when they choose to come out to friends and family.

Research has even suggested that bisexual people are "shut out" of both queer communities and straight ones. This could be why the majority of bisexual individuals haven't come out to most of the important people in their lives — even though one in three young adults in America identify as being on the bisexual spectrum.

Some may prolong coming out for fear of being judged by others, while others may struggle internally to accept this part of themselves. The process can be so difficult that the human rights campaign created a guide to coming out as bisexual, which includes coming out to yourself.

Thankfully, people are now sharing their coming-out experiences online. These stories aren't always rosy, but they're helping to remove some of the stigma around bisexuality. One person posted to secret-sharing app Whisper, "When I came out as bisexual to my mom she said 'read your bible.'" Another wrote, "Coming out as bisexual was probably the largest confidence boost I've experienced. I can finally be myself."

Below, via Whisper, we've rounded up 18 coming-out stories from people who identify as bisexual.
Ever since I came out as bisexual a lot of my friends think I like them,
and it disgusts me.
when I came out as bisexual, everyone called me brave. I came out because I
thought no one would react to it, I
When I "Came Out of the Closet" to my friends, they acted like it didn
My dad told me he
My parents treat me coming out as bisexual as a joke and make fun of
When I came out as bi to my mom her reply was "well at least you
Coming out as bisexual was probably the largest confidence boost I
Ever since I came out as bi to my best friend, we
Coming out as bi has made me feel so free.
The hardest part of coming out as bisexual wasn
When I came out as Bisexual to my mom she said "read your bible"
Coming out as bi was harder than I expected. One thing that hurts me the
most were, losing my own friends.
Coming out as bisexual was one of the hardest things that I
I came out as bisexual to my family two nights ago. I cried. They accepted
me. I
When I came out as Bisexual to my parents they said it wasn
Coming out as bisexual was so hard and now pretty much everyone is scared
of me.
When I came out as bisexual, I didn

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