20 People Share What It's Really Like To Come Out As Polyamorous

It seems that people are talking about polyamory now more than ever. Earlier this year, OKCupid added a search option for users seeking multiple partners, and a 2014 study estimated that between 1.2 and 2.4 million Americans identify as polyamorous. Clearly, monogamy doesn't appeal to everyone. And yet, people who identify as polyamorous still hesitate to be open about their lifestyle with friends and loved ones.

In an effort to share a handful of their stories, we gathered 20 coming-out experiences from polyamorous people who posted on secret-sharing app Whisper. Many admit to holding back information in hopes of avoiding judgment or misunderstanding. One user was specifically worried about being called a "whore" — another was just excited to finally realize that polyamory existed, even if it wasn't possible to be "out" yet.

For those who do come out, experiences vary. Some have sadly lost relationships; others have been met with nothing but support. For the most part, people tend to feel relief, no matter what reaction they get.

Read on for 20 personal stories of coming out — and living — as a polyamorous person.
Really hate that since I came out as Poly, all my guy friends think we
could get together sexually Nah thanks, that
Came out as poly and open to my mom this morning. She may not agree, but
she supports our decision. I love my Mother. ❤️
I want to come out as poly but people in school will think I
I come out as poly to my bf and now I understand why others are afraid to
come out. He thinks there
Came out to my family as polyamorous. It was equal parts judgy and
uneventful. Things could be worse.
Today I came out to my best friend and family as polyamorous. I was
expecting the worst: what I got was lots of hugs and unconditional love.
I am Poly. I can
Coming out as poly is very scary and liberating all at the same time.
Came out as poly. Best. Decision. Ever. Haters gonna hate.
My wife and I just came out as polyamorous and bisexual to our friends.
None of them were surprised, and we were worried for nothing.
My Mum called me weird when I came out as kinky and poly. Then she turns
around and asks why I never tell her about my life. WELL MAYBE BECAUSE YOU
Coming out as Polyamorous saved my marriage.
I came out to my boyfriend of three and a half years that I
Finally came out as polyamorous to my husband today... I think it went
really well. He still has a lot of processing and probably questions but
there was no yelling or tears, just honesty. I love him so much!
I came out as poly This makes life a bit more interesting
Just came out as polyamorous to my mom and dad today! They
I just found out I
I didn

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