30 Of The Most Adorable Puppy GIFs We've Ever Seen

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
March 23 is National Puppy Day. I mean, for me, every day is National Puppy Day, and the same goes for most of my friends and coworkers. We spend a good portion of our days here at Refinery29 sending each other GIFs, videos, and photos of puppies doing adorable things. If you don’t enjoy a cute puppy pic, I’m just not sure what floats your boat at all. (Yeah, yeah, cats... I'm familiar with the concept.)

But March 23 is about PUPPIES, ya heard? It’s the day we celebrate fluff, yips, tiny tummies, and wagging tails. It’s a time to talk about their adorably derpy faces — here’s looking at you, Liam Hemsworth’s amazing dog Dora, who may or may not have several places of honor on the walls in our office — and of course, their cute lil' doggy antics.

Just like there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s, there’s also no wrong way to celebrate National Puppy Day. This year, we’ve decided to honor the occasion in the form of GIFs — adorable, wonderful, mesmerizing GIFs. Will you be staring at these for hours? Yes, yes you will. You might want to block Petfinder first, though, because these pups might spur some major adoption motivation.
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Image: Via Giphy.
"Damnnnnnnnnn, Daniel. Back at it again in the brown suedes."
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But like, fuck the five-second rule, am I right?
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Image: Via Judy the Terrier.
When you KNOW who pooped in the kitchen.
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Image: Alxbngala via WiffleGif.
"Another hot take on Kim's nude selfie? Oy vey."
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Image: Via GifsRC.tumblr.com.
"When you try your best, but you don't succeed." — Coldplay, "Fix You"
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"Gah, I dropped my wedding ring again. The wife is going to be so pissed."
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Image: Via giphy.
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Image: Via giphy.
Hold that head up, pup.
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Image: alexithymia via excusememe.
When you didn't order the new Kylie Lip Kit fast enough, and now it's sold out.
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Image: Via giphy.
A baby wolf and a puppy play tug of war. Everybody wins.
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Image: Via superbgifs.
"Pup? What pup? I only see panda."
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Image: Via johannamas0n.
Waking up is hard to do.
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Image: Via gifsforthelulz.
When you have mistaked, but in an obviously adorable way. Because you only mistake in the cutest of ways.
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Image: Via giphy.
Yeah, yeah, Pavlov's dog, classic conditioning and all that jazz. But in a way, isn't it the puppy who's got the owner doing his bidding here?
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Image: Via gifbay.
When you're having a total Marilyn moment.
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Image: Via cuntamination.
No offense to J Lawr, but this is the real Miracle Mop movie we want to see.
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Image: Via burgundywave.
When your song comes on at the club.
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Image: Via chichiwho.
Pig in a blanket.
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Image: Via cutenessoverflow.
Even dogs are into ASMR.
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Image: Via giphy.
Imagine being as happy as this tiny pup catching bubbles. IMAGINE.
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Image: Via GIFsec.
Be the track meet you wish to see on the sofa bed.
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Image: Via giphy.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Corgi Brown!
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Image: Via surferdude182.
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"And it seems to me you live your life, like a puppy in the wind." — Elton John
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Image: Via imgur.
Annual cat and dog relationship-building summit: not going well.
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Image: Via octopussoir-.
And on the ninth day, God was like, "Oh, my b, totally forgot to invent PUGICORNS." So he did, and it was excellent.
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Image: Via scampthecorgi.
"Ladies and gentlemen, normally I'd be tickled to play a selection from...Chopin. But in honor of my new stepmother, whom I absolutely adore, I decided to play a little something of my own."
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Image: Via Rover.com.
"I shake it off...shake it off." — Taylor Swift