The Year In Carpool Karaoke: Time To Revisit Your Favorites

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This story was originally published on March 23, 2016.

When James Corden recorded the first Carpool Karaoke segment as part of The Late, Late Show one year ago, no one could have predicted the viral phenomenon it would become.

The concept of it is simple enough: Corden picks up a singer (or band) in his car, and then conducts an interview peppered with the a few break-out karaoke moments.

Mariah Carey was his first guest in March of 2015, and quickly after, One Direction was doing it, then Justin Bieber (three times!), and then Elton John. The segment also broke a major record when Adele appeared on it. The video of her Carpool Karaoke session became the most watched late night clip on YouTube of all-time. Not too shabby for one year, Corden. Not too shabby at all.

Many people may not know this, but when Corden came to the States to take over Craig Ferguson's role as host of The Late, Late Show, he was already a prominent comic figure in England. It was a risk on both Corden and CBS network's part, but clearly it worked out.

Next up? Corden is wiggling his way onto primetime television with an upcoming hour-long Carpool Karaoke special, featuring Jennifer Lopez, on March 29 to celebrate the anniversary.

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Mariah Carey, March 2015
Carey was the guinea pig of the new segment, and tried to deny that she would participate, but couldn't resist in the end.

Best Karaoke Song: "Thirsty"
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Justin Bieber, May 2015
A lot of good stuff here: the dance moves, the Rubix cube, the clothing swap, and the eating of the fries.

Best Karaoke Song: "Baby" aka "The song with the most dislikes on the Internet." - Bieber.
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Iggy Azalea, June 2015
The part about Corden's "physique" and skills in the bedroom was pretty awkward, but overall this might be the best Iggy interview ever.

Best Karaoke Song: "Black Widow"
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Rod Stewart & A$AP Rocky, July 2015
One of the most under-rated Carpool performances. Stewart is a damn treat, and then cameo with A$AP Rocky was brilliantly random. Stewart has truly maintained his whole rock-n-roll ego.

Best Karaoke Song: "Everyday"
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Stevie Wonder, September 2015
Wonder FaceTiming his family asking if he really is with Corden is hilarious. "Can you confirm," he asks, because "all English guys look alike."

Best Karaoke Song: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours"
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Jason Derulo, November 2015
In this video we learn: A. Derulo likes to party, B. the new definition of Gucci, C. he has shared a bed with five people, D. he has a round bed, E. he can sing opera.

Best Karaoke Song: "Talk Dirty To Me"
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Justin Bieber Vol. 2, November 2015
The Biebs is back for another round of Carpool Karaoke. He expands Corden's clothing repertoire and the two even invent a new dance move.

Best Karaoke Song: "Ironic"
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Carrie Underwood, December 2015
In addition to being a mother, Underwood is really into her hockey player husband's fist fights on the ice. "He knocked a guy's tooth out," she said. "It was pretty hot." Also hot? Corden in a pair of authentic cowboy boots. Sorta.

Best Karaoke Song: "Before He Cheats"
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One Direction, December 2015
It's a full house with the One Direction crew. Some of the guys look more into the songs than others, but still, some 12-year-old girls definitely fainted with happiness somewhere when they first saw this.

Best Karaoke Song: "Best Song Ever"
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Adele, January 2016
Every moment of this is pure joy. Just ask the other 86 million people that have watched the segment.

Best Karaoke Song: Tie between "All I Ask" and "Monster"
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Chris Martin, January 2016
Martin mooches a ride from Corden, who is very, very busy. The two even end up having to share a motel room before they make it to their destination.

Best Karaoke Song: "Hymn For The Weekend"
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Elton John, February 2016
Rainbow. Boas. That's all.

Best Karaoke Song: "Crocodile Rock"
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Sia, February 2016
In the latest installment, Sia gets real about why she wears the wig, explains why she believes in aliens, and balances a dozen eggs on her double-jointed fingers.

Best Karaoke Song: "Elastic Heart"