You Have To See The Impossible-To-Instagram Jewelry From The Vionnet Show

Photo: Kristy Sparrow/Getty Images.
If there’s one jewelry trend that’s made for Instagram, it’s delicate jewelry. You know the type: stacks of thread-thin rings, gossamer strands of necklaces, and pretty little earrings that you see decorating flat-lay shots. They’re as ubiquitous on social media as latte art, sunset pics, and from-above shots of shoes on a cool floor. But the coolest new delicate jewelry trend we’ve seen didn’t make it onto Instagram at all.
Photo: Peter White/Getty Images.
Photo: François G. Durand/Getty Images.
At Vionnet’s fall 2016 show on Wednesday, many of the looks were topped off by a jaw-dropping pair or earrings — or rather, a single earring. Connected by a long strand meant to be worn over the hair, Croakie-style, the earrings kept hair flat against models' heads. From the front, it’s so subtle that it almost looks unremarkable — just a simple set of drop earrings. But from the side and back, the earrings created a slim circlet of gold, with an effect that was so stunning and surprising that it elicited whiplash from the audience, who frantically tried — and failed — to capture it on their phones. It was just too far away and the earring(s?) were too delicate. It was something you had to see in person to totally appreciate.
Photo: Kristy Sparrow/Getty Images.
Photo: Kristy Sparrow/Getty Images.
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