This Is Hands Down The BEST Way To Eat Peanut Butter

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images.
The beginning of March marks the start of National Peanut Butter Month β€” plus the 1st is also National Peanut Butter Lover's Day. So basically, we have ALL of the excuses to chow down on even more PB than usual.

Our favorite way to eat the stuff is a little unorthodox, but once you try it, it's impossible to go back. In fact, we're willing to dub it our all-time favorite PB hack, which is a pretty serious statement.

If you've got a jar of peanut better laying around, we suggest you melt it, immediately. Yes, melt it. Just scoop a few tablespoons into a microwave-safe bowl, and nuke for 15 second intervals until it reaches a warm, sauce-like consistency.

Then comes the real fun. You can pretty much eat it any way you'd like, but we listed eight of our favorite uses for melted peanut butter below. Enjoy! (And don't say we didn't warn you that you're never going to want to spread it ever again.)
1. Pour It Over Ice Cream
Or, just top the bowl of melted PB with a scoop or two of vanilla, chocolate, or whatever you've got in the freezer.
2. Mix It Into Granola Or Yogurt (Or Both!)
Breakfast just got SO much better.
3. Drizzle It Over Popcorn
Salty, sweet, and SO good.

4. Or Brownies
Use a fork to create a playful pattern over freshly baked brownies.

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5. Eat It With A Spoon
Yes, we've done it β€” no judgement, okay?
6. Dip Chocolate In It
No explanation needed.

7. Or Cookies (Try Frozen Thin Mints Or Oreos)
Taking everyone's favorite cookie tip from The Parent Trap to new heights.

8. Or Pieces Of Fruit
We suggest starting with sliced bananas, apples, and strawberries. A cheater's take on PB fondue, if you will.

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