These Are The BEST Pancakes In America

National Pancake Day is arguably one of the best days of the year — and it just got even better. Thanks to Foursquare, we now have a comprehensive list of the top places to get our flapjack fix in each and every state. Hanging on the West Coast? Pop by The Griddle Cafe for its famous Golden Ticket pancakes. Keeping it cool on the East Coast? Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant has got you covered with its blueberry stacks drenched in warm maple butter. Happen to be in Utah? Stop by Penny Ann's Cafe for her mouthwatering hot cakes.
We've posted all 51 below, just in case you're feeling ambitious. So, get your forks ready to dig into the fluffiest flapjacks, wherever you are. We officially want to tour the country and try them all.

2. Alabama: Blue Plate Cafe

3. Arkansas: The Root Café

4. Arizona: Matt's Big Breakfast

5. California: The Griddle Cafe
6. Colorado: Snooze

7. Connecticut: Chips Family Restaurant

8. D.C.: Lincoln’s Waffle Shop

9. Delaware: Lucky’s Coffe Shop

10. Florida: KeKe’s Breakfast Cafe

11. Georgia: Ria’s Bluebird
12. Hawaii: Cinnamon’s Restaurant

13. Iowa: Grove Cafe

14. Idaho: The Egg Factory

15. Illinois: Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe
16. Indiana: The Village Deli

17. Kansas: Hanover Pancake House

18. Kentucky: Toast on Market

19. Louisiana: The Ruby Slipper

20. Massachusetts: The Paramount
21. Maryland: Miss Shirley’s Cafe

22. Maine: Becky’s Diner

23. Michigan: The Hudson Cafe

24. Minnesota: Maria’s Cafe

25. Missouri: Succotash
26. Mississippi: Big Bad Breakfast

27. Montana: Running Bear Pancake House

28. North Carolina: Tex And Shirley’s
29. North Dakota: Darcy’s Cafe

30. Nebraska: Leo’s Diner

31. New Hampshire: Parker’s Maple Barn

32. New Jersey: Brownstone Diner & Pancake Factory

33. New Mexico: The Grove Cafe & Market

34. Nevada: BabyStacks Cafe

35. New York: Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant
36. Ohio: Katalina’s

37. Oklahoma: Syrup.

38. Oregon: Stepping Stone Cafe

39. Pennsylvania: Pamela’s P&G Diner

40. Rhode Island: Corner Cafe
41. South Carolina: Golden Griddle Pancake House

42. South Dakota: Tally’s Silver Spoon

43. Tennessee: Pancake Pantry

44. Texas: Kerbey Lane Cafe

45. Utah: Penny Ann’s Cafe
46. Virginia: Pocahontas Pancake House

47. Vermont: Sugar & Spice

48. Washington: Portage Bay Cafe

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