15 Adorable Dogs Show Us What Valentine's Day Is Really About

We already know that dogs provide us with some of our best friendships. But we can learn a thing or two about relationships from our furry counterparts, too.

Chantal Adair, a fashion and pet photographer, sure thinks so. For Valentine's Day, she photographed 15 adorable dogs in romantic settings to show us the true meaning of February 14: pure, unfiltered puppy dog love.

Under the Instagram account The Dog Styler, Adair creates scenes of playful canine chic. As she explained to Refinery29, she focuses on "styling and photographing dogs in human clothes" without adding any fancy filters. She first created her Instagram account in September 2015, and has since photographed pooches at New York Fashion Week, at the Louvre in Paris, and in honor of the Academy Awards.

Looking into their big puppy dog eyes, you are immediately met with a gaze of unconditional adoration. So who better to teach us about the most romantic day of the year? Be warned, though, you might just fall in love.
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February 14 is about letting your hair down, and accepting the mantra, "la vie en rose."
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It's about wearing your diamond choker, and making sure bae knows that you want more of where that came from.
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It's about being cute, but comfortable. In other words, overalls are the new formalwear.
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It's important to send out Valentines no matter how old you are. Share the love!
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You can never go wrong with a red leather jacket. Or six bouquets. Or smoldering eye contact.
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Shotgun weddings can be a thing, but only if he's wearing a sequin bowtie.
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Two words — champagne & berets.
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Don't be afraid to show your sensitive side.
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This pug, named Emoji, knows the key to a female's heart isn't just roses, but also a nice flannel bathrobe.
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Seduction is key. Puppy dog eyes work great.
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It feels good to be pampered, right Ralphie?
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Sometimes you don't need to go out for a fancy meal to have a memorable evening.
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Bubble baths are fun.
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Pay attention to self-grooming, especially on the day of love. And never be afraid of embracing a nice up-do.
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It takes two to tango.