8 Reasons You Should Actually Watch Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is not a beloved movie. Scoring a mere 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, the American take on Love Actually was a critical flop; it just doesn't have the same cult appeal. But the film that gave the world 2010's most famous Taylors — that's Swift and Lautner — making out isn't without its charms. Really, it has all the components of a pleasant, if not groundbreaking, rom-com: There's palpable chemistry (between some of the couples, at least); older pairs doling out the wisdom that comes with age, and examples of deep — albeit totally platonic — love. And yes, there's also plenty of Ashton Kutcher. We shouldn't hold his presence against the whole film, though.
Valentine's Day will never end up on any best-of lists. But it is worthy of a spot on your lazy Sunday streaming queue, especially this time of year.
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Statistically, one of your faves starred in it.
Were the more illustrious stars phoning it in? Yes. But Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts coasting still makes for some pretty good acting.
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We all need to remember how awkward Taylor Swift was.
Guys, she wasn't always the put-together twentysomething we all kind of want to be. Once upon a time, she was just someone who liked to make out with the werewolf from Twilight.
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It shows the student-loan struggle is real.
Student debt is sometimes mentioned in movies, but the fictional post-grads still manage to follow their dreams while wearing head-to-toe Kate Spade. As Anne Hathaway's Russian dominatrix shows, sometimes being a college grad means doing temp work on top of freelance work, and hoping you have time for a date on top of that.
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McDreamy became McDouchey.
Patrick Dempsey is forever playing the charming guy with a heart of gold and amazing hair. So it's refreshing to see him in a role where he uses that charm he oozes all over the place for evil.
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Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane are a power couple.
In the theater (yes, I saw this in the theater) the audience lost their minds when it was revealed the incredibly hot guy they thought was flirting with Julia Roberts was actually the hot football player's boyfriend. They deserved their own movie.
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It breaks a major rom-com trope.
Not every wait-for-it kiss is immediately magical. Sometimes it needs a second take.
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It perfectly captures the horror of a Valentine's Day dinner date.
Getting jabbed by a stranger's elbow while you pray the complimentary bread basket comes soon is not the thing about which love songs are written.
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Kids in love are adorable.
The Valentine's Day kid isn't as cute as the Love Actually kid, but that's a really, really high bar.