THIS Is Why Channing Tatum Is The Sexiest Dancer Alive

This story was originally published on February 5, 2016.
Channing Tatum is an actor who does serious things. In fact, he's so serious that sometimes you might forget that under that earnest facade, there are abs for days.

And these abs aren't just toned from sit-ups, but the kind expertly crafted from years of performing full body rolls. Tatum has done a lot of on-screen dancing (though not nearly enough). Still, not every move can compare to the cinematic majesty that is him gyrating to "Pony."

Stacked against each other, it's obvious Tatum has had some dance scenes that are better than others. So enjoy, and let Tatum inspire you to take the hip hop class you've been considering — or finally commit to that Step Up marathon. Either choice is a solid way to spend a Saturday night.
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8. Hail, Caesar! (2016)

Since this movie comes out today we can only go off the dance clips from the trailer, but Tatum tap dancing in a sailor's hat is very promising.
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7. 21 Jump Street (2012)

Is it alluring? No. Is it fun? Absolutely.
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6. Step Up 2: The Street (2008)

So many opportunities to land on America's Funniest Home Videos, but super skilled dancer Tatum nails every strange trampoline moment.
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5. Lip Sync Battle (2016)

The focus of this moment is strictly the lip-syncing skills, but he nailed those shoulder shakes. And then of course, everything is elevated by Beyoncé.
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4. Step Up (2006)

Such lifting skills, and an incredibly impressive costume change, plus the kind of ab endurance you'd need years of pilates to achieve.
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3. Magic Mike (2012)

This moment would be placed higher, if it didn't always come with a twenty-minute explanation/ Wikipedia deep dive for the friend who missed Step Up who asked, "Wait, when did Channing Tatum learn to dance?"
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2. Step Up (2006)

And just think, 10 years later these two are a real life married couple who do sexy dances together on national TV. I like to think they solve every day martial spats with dance battles.
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1. Magic Mike XXL (2015)

Guys, he can't fight the sexy. No matter how far he runs, "Pony" will find him, and the pelvic thrusts will burst forth whether he likes it or not.