Downton Abbey Adviser Has Costume Beef With War & Peace

Two of our favorite costume dramas are having a costume drama.

It all started when Downton Abbey historical expert Alastair Bruce took to social media to point out a wardrobe error in the first episode of War & Peace. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment for most viewers, but this history buff and royal-watcher couldn't resist calling it out.

Bruce's argument is that an aristocrat who fled France wouldn't have been wearing a Napoleon-bestowed medal in Russia, especially considering Russian troops were joining Austria in the fight against the general.

Other royal commentators piled on the criticism.

Edward Gibbon, costume designer for War & Peace, has yet to fire back. We'd be careful, though. Downton Abbey may have the Dowager Countess' withering looks, but the Tolstoy crew has got sabres and muskets. Tread carefully.