Singles Are Looking For Winter Storm Jonas Companions On Craigslist

You've either been living in deep, blissful denial (or somewhere other than the East Coast) if you're not aware of the "major," "crippling" blizzard set to hit the mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend. Yes, winter storm Jonas is coming to town, and singles are taking to Craigslist to make sure they don't have to weather the storm alone.

We can't blame them; in fact, we admire their efforts. [Ed. note: I personally have a Tom-Hiddleston-as-Loki action figure waiting for me at home.]

Rather than texting their exes or begging their moms to keep them company, a staggering number of people have taken to Craigslist in search of a "snow buddy," to borrow a common term from the listings. This type of personal ad tends to crop up whenever there's a major weather event, and these casual run-ins (whether or not they're sparked by Craigslist) can even lead to something much more long-term.

The posts for Jonas definitely range in, er, tone (link NSFW), but most of them are surprisingly tame. Given the overarching creepiness of a lot of Craigslist ads, most of these snowstorm requests are on the sweeter side.

Posters specify a desire for cuddling — not sex — and they offer up food, drinks, and movies instead. One woman even mentions that you're free to bring your laptop over if you need to get some work done over the weekend. Sure, maybe it's more normal to want to get snowed in with someone you already know, but there's no denying that taking the Craigslist route will probably result in better stories to tell later.

Click through to read some of the sweetest Jonas-inspired listings — and yes, we threw in an unconventional one, too.
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Let's make yellow snow (blizzard)

"Well the blizzard is almost upon us. What better way to spend it but with me. I can keep you warm and I am a good at melting snow. We can play and then cuddle up too after."

*Not included: two photos of a golden retriever, who, yes, seems like a pup who'd enjoy making yellow snow.
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Are You Ready for The Snow? (Annandale, VA)

"I am in the process of getting ready to settle in before the blizzard. Did I mention I hate the damn snow?

Hopefully you were able to get your essentials before the shelves were empty. If you are still around, wanna chat?

Please be between 30-45 and sane. Not looking to hook up so please, skip me if this is your desire."
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Snow buddy this weekend to get snowed in with (Gaithersburg, MD)

"Hi there

Looking for an over 40 companion that is DDF, a gentleman, and fun to spend time with during the snowstorm. If interested, please send pic, what you envision doing during the storm, and let me know if you can bring DVDs to watch. I am not looking for sex, but maybe someone to make out with, cuddle, and just hang out with. I do have some work to do from home this weekend, but you can bring over DVDs or CDs or your computer and keep busy. If all goes well this weekend, then we can pursue something long-term - please be open to this.

I am an average-looking, Indian, BBW who can host or travel. I would like to talk to you over the phone before we meet. Thanks for reading. Cheers!"

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Donner party for 2?

"The end has come!!!! Netflix is already half down. I shall never survive......
Based on observations at local grocery stores and peeking into liquor stores the end is nigh. They say that the civilized world is only 9 meals, or 3 days, from utter anarchy. Good thing I cook too much and have tasty food for weeks. That and my local wine store is delivering 2 cases of pink bubbly( I know, I know not for everyone but for blizzard drinking perfect....light happy buzz for hours) tomorrow. That plus books and bad movies I am set. Have friends in building and block that will keep me from cabin fever but need witty banter and flirtation to keep me focused on survival ....per the pundits we are ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!! Looking for someone to help me survive the blizzard....someone to keep me engaged, laughing, amused and challenged throughout the end of the world or whatever we are calling it. Will buy the first round or two for the SINGLE man that's willing to first via the 'written' word with me.....44 DC resident, marginally attractive, somewhat fit, very geeky and smart enough to know this is just fodder for my unwritten bestseller about the vagaries of dating in DC."
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Blizzard Slave (Manhattan)

"Would you like someone to serve you while you are stuck inside this weekend because of the blizzard.

SWM would be at your service. I can cook, clean, massage and do whatever is needed to make your weekend more enjoyable."