Watch Juno, The Adorable Polar Bear Cub, Learn To Walk

Learning to walk is no easy feat. Just ask this too-cute-for-words polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo.
The cub is nicknamed Juno and she’s finally learning to put one paw in front of the other. In a short video posted to YouTube, cameras show a wobbly Juno attempting to gain her footing. Brace yourselves...your awwww meter will reach record peaks while watching this one. Every little movement causes the cute cub to fall. A nudge from a small green ball makes her stumble as zookeepers attempt to guide her. Can she do it? Can she do it? You'll have to watch to find out.
Juno’s been a YouTube superstar since her mother, Aurora, gave birth to her back in November. Back when she was 8-weeks-old, she was captured trying to roll over. There’s also a video of her being fed from a bottle.

Do know that she's still not on public display, according to the Toronto Zoo — in case you felt that a pilgrimage was in order. Juno happily resides in the Toronto Zoo's Wildlife Healthcare Centre. That said, YouTube seems to have her well covered for now.